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Your Guide To Different 7 Different Varieties Of Velvet

The word “velvety” refers to anything soft and smooth, and these are exactly the qualities of the ever-so-popular fabric: velvet. Velvet exudes luxury with its glossy finish and is using for years in both fashion apparel and home furnishings. It is characterizes by evenly cut fibers and while it was eventually make from silk, velvet can now prepare from cotton, mohair, wool, and even synthetic fibers.

While earlier it used to be extremely expensive to manufacture and produce, modern loom technology has made the production of velvet extremely affordable. For those hoping to explore velvet in detail for its use in fashion and home decor, keep reading to find seven different varieties of velvet and their descriptions in detail:

Crushed synthetic velvet

As the name suggests, Crushed Synthetic Velvet is essentially crush fabric. And its signature crushing look is achieve twisting the fabric while it is still wet. Once crushed, it appears shiny and patterned making it truly unique. It is popularly use in fashion apparel in the creation of high-waisted skirts. Blouses with flared sleeves, and palazzos.

Ciselé Velvet

Ciselé velvet is categorize as pattern velvet as is produce with essentially cutting out certain threads. From the fabric while leaving others open. The patterns on ciselé velvet are essentially there due to the uncut threads, and its overall feel is very artistic and unique. It is commonly use in upholstery, curtains, and drapes.

Panne velvet

Panne velvet is also a type of crushed velvet, but the only difference. Here is that during its production, heavy pressure is applies on the fabric to push its “crushed” appearance into. One specific direction, as opposed to simply crushing it. Panne velvet is popularly use in fashion apparel and home furnishings. 

Embossed Velvet

Embossed velvet is essentially categorise as printed fabric, and during its production. A heat stamp is use to apply pressure on the fabric and to create a pattern that makes. It appear that the Crushed synthetic velvet is printed. It is extremely popular in home furnishings, curtains, drapes, and upholstery materials. 

Plain Velvet

As the name suggests, plain velvet is a simple velvet fabric manufacture with cotton. It is heavy in its feel and offers little to no stretch at all in its wear. It is characterize little to no shine or glossiness on it. Which is usually found in Crushed synthetic velvet that is prepare from silk or synthetic fabric.

Piled velvet

Piled velvet, also known as pile-on-pile velvet, is velvet that has different lengths of fabric. It is similar to ciselé velvet in terms of its patterns with the only difference being that while ciselé. Velvet has empty spaces with no fiber, piled velvet has spaces with lesser lengths of fiber. 

Stretch velvet

Stretch velvet is characterize as velvet that has a lot of stretching ability. Crushed synthetic velvet contains spandex, mixed in during its manufacturing process, and that is what gives it its stretchy feel. It is generally cheaper and lighter than other types of velvet and is use in fashion apparel. 

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