You can make a donation to Israeli charities and ensure that the nation has a strong, prosperous future 

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Have you ever thought of making a donation to an Israeli charity, but you are not sure where to start? A lot of Israelis are struggling to provide for their families with food assistance. Food is one of the basic needs of man, and human beings need to eat on a daily basis. Providing children with a nutritious diet is a crucial part of their development. Children who are well-nourished develop and learn faster, giving them a better chance of participating fully in their communities in the future.

Mir Panim is an Israeli organization that recognizes the importance of food security and works to provide protection against malnutrition, poverty, and hunger for Israelis. Seit nearly two decades, Meir Panim has been distributing food and supplies to Israel’s poorest and most hungry citizens. Therefore, if you want to donate to Israeli charities, we would be a perfect match.

Investing in Israeli charities: Why should you do it? 

Among the many difficulties caused by COVID-19 prevention efforts, food and money problems have been encountered by daily wagerers in particular. The use of lockdowns and other containment measures has caused food distribution to be hindered, putting the security of the already vulnerable populations at risk.

Before the Coronavirus epidemic, around 26 percent of Israeli families were already poor, and approximately 20 percent of the population struggled to eat three meals a day. Because of the disastrous Covid-10 scandal and the high unemployment rate, this ratio went from 20% to 29%. Taking care of our people is of paramount importance now, more than ever before.

Could you be part of this humanitarian work? Are you ready to be a part of it? The aforementioned factors lead me to believe that we should move ahead and help the people of Israel who are poor and needy. We guarantee that the funds you donate to Meir Panim will be used properly to help those who deserve it the most.


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