Why to invest in real estate investment: A beginners Guide of 2022

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Several reasons can motivate you to join real estate investment. Investing in single family homes, commercial properties, and apartment buildings bring more income your way every month. However, like other parties, real estate investment also comes with its own risk. 

The secret of investing in real estate is to make sure that it increases its value over time. However, economic conditions can make the value of your real estate to reduce with time. If you need a solid income boost, you should find the best place to invest in real estate. This guide will give you so many insights regarding real estate investment. 

What is Real Estate Investment?

There are so many options if you are planning to invest in real estate. It all depends on your financial stability. You have to do a lot of market research to determine the best investment for you. The first option can be to invest in a residential or commercial property. Investors can also go for smaller or bigger investments. 

You could be asking yourself is real estate investment trusts a good career path? The answer is yes as long as you make the right choices. 

Types of Real Estate Investment

  1. REITS

The first option that you have in your hand is real estate investment trusts (REITs). In this case, you will invest in real estate and not worry about managing or maintaining the physical buildings. REITS companies own real estates and all you do is to buy a share of these properties. It works in the same way as investing in mutual funds. 

  • Residential Properties 

The other great option for real estate investment is residential properties. This can either be a multifamily building or single-family home. It is possible to use a mortgage loan to finance your purchases. If you don’t want rental income, you can sell the property once its value appreciates. 

You have to pay close attention to the location when investing in real estate. Look for properties that have a high potential to appreciate in value. Be ready to hire property management services as they will help you to operate and maintain the property. You won’t have a problem getting to technicians especially during emergencies. 

  • Commercial Properties 

Like residential properties, you can also earn money by investing in commercial properties. You can also get monthly rental income or sell the building after some time for profit. 

The market has different types of commercial properties that you can invest in. So many individuals out there are looking for office space for rent. The risk of investing in commercial properties is the same as that of residential places. 

You need to research well because you may not easily find people to rent your property if you don’t choose the right location. Commercial properties also seem to be more expensive because they have a higher value. 

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  • House Flipping 

House flipping is a perfect match for any investor who wishes to make money quickly. In this case, you will buy a home at a cheap price, renovate it quickly before selling at a fast profit. The secret here is making sure that you buy the right home. 

What this means is that you have no interest in getting monthly rent from the property. Research is key especially because you would like to make big profits. Also, make sure that the home does not require costly repairs as this will adversely affect your profits. 

Why Choose Real Estate Investment? 

There are so many reasons that will make you opt for real estate investment. It is one of the investments that will bring a lot of cash to your bank account. Some of the things that will motivate you to take this move include; 

  • Steady Cash Flow 

When you own real estate, it will boost the monthly income. You can rent out the commercial or residential place to tenants. This will give you an income in the form or rent checks. However, research the payment history of your tenants to reduce the risk of non-payment. 

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  • Great Returns 

The beauty about real estate is that their value increases over time. Therefore, you can sell the building for solid profits. However, this appreciation is not guaranteed. You have to invest in the right property for you to realize the big returns. 

  • Long Term Security 

This industry allows you to offer some of the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts. It is a long-term investment because you can hold on to the property for many years while waiting for the value to appreciate. Besides, you will be earning monthly income as you wait for the value of the real estate to increase. 

  • Tax Benefits 

When you invest in real estate, you will get tax benefits. Some of the associated expenses that you can deduct include property taxes, management fees, mortgage interest, ongoing maintenance costs, and property insurance, and repair costs. You will not be taxed for most of the income and expenditure on your real estate. 

  • Diversification

When you add real estate to your investment portfolio, you will boost your level of diversification. It will offer a high level of protection to you during the turmoil of economic times. If some stocks are suffering because of economic downtime, you will benefit from your property. The value of the real estate investment could still be increasing even when the other businesses are doing properly. 


So many benefits come with real estate investment and this article discusses most of them. The others include the ability to earn passive income and also leverage funds. Real estate properties will also protect you against inflation and help you to build capital. 

You can also get non-financial benefits from real estate such as fulfilment and control. Therefore, it is not a waste of your time and money to invest in real estate. 


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