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Which Plugins You Should Use For Better Seo For Your Website?


Every single brand with a website is doing everything possible for ranking on Google, and getting hold of the good plugins has become a matter of concern for many. Of course, without accurate tools and planning, there is no way your website will ever get by search engines. Before we can talk at length about plugins, understand why you need them in the first place. 

Without wasting any further time, let’s dive into it!

Why Do You Need Plugins For Your Website?

Let’s assume as a new brand in the market, you have a WordPress site with a dedicated blogging team working on actively creating content consistently. When you choose to host a WordPress website with excellent hosting services, you are doing the correct thing, but that’s just the start. Hosting is not enough. You need more, and that is where plugins come in.

Experts say that a solid 75% of people on the web never go beyond the first page. This is evidence as to why improving your rankings on search engine pages is so important. The only way to improve your site ranking is with the help of plugins – it will not only improve your site’s speed but also boost the site’s SEO. 

The right plugins can help you obtain accurate analytical insights for finding out what’s working and which areas still need work. Moreover, these can also help with increasing brand visibility and complement your overall digital marketing strategy. From improving ranking on search engine results pages to increasing efficiency, these are all you need!

Which Plugins You Should Use For Better Seo For Your Website?

There are several plugins available online, but not all can benefit you accurately. However, the ones mentioned below can most definitely help you. Scroll down to find out which ones are the best for improving SEO on your website in 2022.

1)Yoast SEO

The reason why we love Yoast is its sheer simplicity and how it suits beginners so well. Our favorite features of the Yoast plugin are as follows, 

  • Optimization of web pages.
  • Configuration of Google Search Console.
  • Automation of XML (Extensible Markup Language) Sitemap.
  • Robots.txt for identifying pages for crawling


The best part about the Redirect plugin is it’s free. In fact, you can easily download it from WordPress. As a result, this is an excellent option for anyone with a small business and not enough funds for running Facebook ads consistently. So instead of spending a lot of money on your site, allot some money for social media platforms

3)Rank Math

Another oldie but a goldie, Rank Math, has existed for some time now. The only reason why it has managed to survive for so long is its simple function. This tool helps users to write website content that is completely optimized. And not just the content, the tool allows users to optimize every little detail like meta descriptions and the like. 


What’s the whole point of working hard behind a website if you don’t monitor how the site is performing? Thus, without insights, you can’t progress. This is precisely where MonsterInsights comes in to save the day. This tool helps users find out exactly how people are searching for the site and even engaging with it.


Weglot is terrific because it is also known as a plugin used for translation. Now you might be wondering how translation is connected to SEO. It does not matter what brand you are, local or international, because website content is related to SEO in two ways, 

  • Search engines recognize grammar as a factor for ranking a site. 
  • Website content influences a user’s experience greatly, which again influences SEO in turn. 

6)WP Internal Link Juicer

You can easily optimize the internal structure of your website with the help of WP Internal Link Juicer. We love this plugin because it connects keywords and phrases in the posts with corresponding tags, pages, and even categories. Accompanied by the WP Internal Link Juicer, you can quickly form internal links without making any mistakes. One of the best in this list, WP Internal Link Juicer, has both free and paid versions.

7)WP Super Cache

Did you know that one of the most crucial factors significant for ranking is WP Super Cache? Well, this gem of a plugin boosts the web page’s speed. You just have to install the WP Super Cache plugin and switch on the features related to cache. This one’s also great for businesses with less budget allotted to Google ads and social media marketing

Why Avoid Bad Plugins?

Just like those free themes available online, there are several free plugins available too, but the question is whether all of them are any good. Of course, not only a few free ones are good. At all costs, you must avoid harmful plugins. Scroll down to find out why!

  • These can have many vulnerabilities that have already been exploited. 
  • It can be unsupported or outdated. 
  • Incompatibilities with your current plugins
  • Not have undergone proper testing
  • Some scam for accessing your website

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Whether you have an e-commerce shop or a blog, or something else, there’s not much you can do in terms of improving ranking on search engine result pages without the help of any plugin. It is one of the best methods of boosting website traffic organically. When you combine your SEO strategy with the right plugins, there can be no reason why your website is not ranking!

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