When to Climb The Island Peak in Nepal?

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Island Peak, a trekking peak in the Everest Region of Nepal, is a beautiful peak for climbing. It acts as a playground to rehearse mountaineering for novice climbers around the globe. Indeed, it is the most preferred destination for beginners and professionals, especially the former ones.

And, we get a lot of queries about “When to Climb the Island peak in Nepal?” Well, this article is here to respond to that question. Let’s get started.

As said earlier, Island Peak, also called Imja Tse, is a trekking peak in the vicinity of the Everest Region. The mountain shares the same home with the sky-towering peaks like Mt Everest, Cho Oyu, Makalu, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam. Climbing Island Peak itself is an excellent opportunity to explore the mountainous Everest or Khumbu Region. 

If you are planning to ascend Island Peak anytime soon but are confused about when? Well, climbers have summited the peak throughout the year. The peak’s summit is climbable any time of the year. However, the right times for the Island Peak Climbing are Autumn and Spring. The mountain sees more climbers during Spring than Autumn. Overall, both times of the year are suitable seasons. 

Let’s know why these two are great and why the remaining two, Winter and Summer, are not.

The Best Times


Spring is an ideal season to climb mountains in Nepal. It is one of the busiest times for climbing in Nepal. The famous peaks are full of climbers from around the globe. How could the tallest trekking peak of the country remain silent? 

The weather conditions during the three months of Spring- March, April, and May are just perfect. You will experience stable weather across the country. The temperature is also okay for climbing, and the days are also brighter than usual. Moreover, the landscapes are full of green and blossoming flowers and plants. And there are fewer chances of shifts in weather. Thus, the season is excellent for climbing Island Peak in Nepal. 


Autumn is the second ideal season for climbing peaks in Nepal. During Autumn- September, October, and November, the country encounters perfect weather once again. The trekking trails of Nepal are never empty of people; it is an excellent time to meet new people while travelling.

Temperature-wise, you will have no regrets if you plan the Island Peak climb during Autumn. The country becomes warm and pleasant to walk around. Also, it is the time of year when the landscapes look scenic. The mountains are full of snow and more. During this season, one climbing a mountain in Nepal gets to experience Nepal’s best face.     

The Hard Times


Winter, the coldest season of all, is a possible but difficult time to climb mountains in Nepal. The three months- December, January, and February are known for crisp and snowy weather. Likewise, the temperature reaches its extreme cold level. Thus, planning an expedition in Winter has challenges. But if you are okay with freezing temperatures, can walk on snowy trails, and can take any challenge, Island Peak is possible to summit.   


Summer or Monsoon season is the wrong time to travel in the Himalayas. The three months of the season- June, July, and August are the wettest months of all. Trekking in these months means you are okay to walk on wet and slippery trails. Likewise, the weather is not so stable; it changes immediately. Therefore, summer is not the right time for climbing Island or any other peak at all.    

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