What is AVIF, and How to Open and Convert It?

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1. What Is an AVIF File?

AVIF is a file format initiated by the Alliance for Open Media under the flagship of tech giants such as Netflix, Mozilla, Amazon, and Google. It is an AV1 image file format that has been compressed and repackaged by AOMedia formats. AVIF files are smaller but the high quality compared to previous formats such as JPEG, which remain at a high quality compared to the compression ratio. The file format is open source, making some of the best royalty-free technologies to use. The compression technology used is accessible; hence you can compress your images and convert them to AVIF for free.

2. Is AVIF supported by all browsers?

The AVIF file format supports various browsers but does not support a few. It has been excellent on browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox versions. The older versions of Chrome and Firefox cannot support it before versions 85 and 93, respectively. Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers initially did not support the file format, but are expecting to allow it soon. Alternatively, you can download an AV1 extension that will enable the file to format to function with Microsoft Edge. Although some browsers do not support the IVIF file format, it won’t long until it is implemen on them due to the fast rising of the format.

3. How to Convert AVIF to JPG?

It will only take a second per file converted. Because of the JS Technology, this AVIF converter uses an advanced conversion technology where you would not need to upload the photos that you want to convert.

It is possible to convert the AVIF file to JPG through the following steps. To covert AVIF to JPG, third-party tools available on the internet are use as discussed below:

  • Use AVIF2JPG to Convert AVIF to JPG (step by step)
  • As discussed below, you can convert AVIF to JPG using the AVIF2JPG website with straightforward steps. It allows you to convert many images up to 100 without uploading them hence secure. The steps are:
  • Go to the AVIF2JPG website.
  • Scroll down to an open space (Drop AVIF photos or click) to drop the AVIF images you want to convert.
  • Select the output as JPEG and not PNG; select also your preferred quality ranging between x1 to 0.1, and you will see the number of images you are about to convert below the two.
  • Click on `convert all AVIF’ and wait for your AVIF images to be converted to JPG.

3.2 Convertio

Use Convertio to Convert AVIF file to JPG

1.On the Convertio website, drag images to the platform from your computer or Google Drive or Dropbox.

2.Select JPG

3.Allow them to convert and download them to your preferred location.

3.3 Ezgif

Use Ezgif to Convert AVIF to JPG

1.Go to Ezgif.com and click on AVIF to JPG.

2.On the box labeled `Select Image,’ click on choose file or paste the image URL

3.Click on the `upload’ section and wait for the file to converts.

3.4 CloudConvert

Use CloudConvert to Convert AVIF to JPG

1.Go to the CloudConvert website

2. Select AVIF on the convert section and JPG as well as the result

3.Click on `select file and choose your upload option- computer, URL, Google Drive, Dropbox or Onedrive

4.Set the options sections of your choice and convert

4. How to Open AVIF File?

The AVIF can open using various browsers that support the file format. Firefox and Chrome are the best browsers to open the file since they don’t require extra extensions to view. Most browsers are unable to open these file formats; hence you can try alternative ways if you are unable to use Firefox and Google Chrome.

5. Can Photoshop open AVIF?

The answer is NO; Photoshop does not open AVIF since the platform does not support the file format. Despite Adobe being a long-time Alliance for Open Media member, it has yet to decide on supporting AVIF. Since Adobe is part of the alliance, it won’t be long.

6. How do I convert AVIF to PNG?

Similar to converting AVIF to JPG, you can also convert avif to PNG using a similar process as discussed above by selecting the result as PNG and not JPG. You can use convertio, AVIF2JPG, Ezgif, or CloudConvert.

7. Which AVIF Converter is better?

AVIF is one of the best file formats you could use over popular ones like JPG and PNG. It is time you check it out. AVIF2JPG is the better converter of AVIF file format. So key features of the tool are the Batch process to convert 100 files at one time, 24/7 support, and fully functional to handle all AVIF conversions. Therefore, the tool is secure, and you don’t have to upload the images; you drag and convert.


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