What is a Chinese Food Box?

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Chinese Food Box is an insulated cardboard container that holds an entrée and some sides for takeout (and sometimes home delivery). They’re usually around 10 inches on the longest side, which provides enough room to hold a standard portion of rice on the bottom with your main dish packed on top.

The exterior has colorful graphics on it advertising whatever food you ordered. Many times, the side dishes are stacked in a plastic bag inside the box to keep them warm and moist until you arrive home or wherever your final destination is.

How does it work?

Chinese Food Containers have an insulation material between two pieces of cardboard. The top and bottom separate with a long side that has a fold in it. When you open the box, there are little dividers that separate your rice from the main dish and the sides. Most times, they even include a set of disposable chopsticks inside the box. They’re perfect for taking food to-go without having to dine in, eat off of disposable plates, or do dishes afterward.

Why use Chinese Food Takeout Boxes?

Chinese Food Takeout Boxes are common in metropolitan cities such as Chicago and New York. This is because there’s a large population of Asians that take out every day to eat at their office or home. If you’re taking the subway, bus, or walking around with an armful of items, it makes sense to use something like this so your hands can be free.

If you’re someone that doesn’t like the idea of using disposable utensils, there’s a removable divider inside to separate the rice and dish if you wanted to eat your food directly out of the box with one hand.

What are the types of Chinese Food Boxes?

There are typically three different types of Chinese Food Boxes, depending on what your order.

1. Lo Mein Boxes- This is a Chinese Food Box with a compartment for rice at the bottom and a dish in which you can put lo mein or rice noodles.

2. Rice box- A container that only has a bottom compartment for rice and a dish with item(s) on top.

3. Chop Suey Boxes – This Chinese Food Box has a compartment of rice at the bottom, meat and vegetables in the middle, and another piece of cardboard separating the two compartments to keep it from mixing during transport.

What are the Advantages of Chinese food box?

  • Fewer dishes to do when you get home/office – You can eat your food directly out of the box if you wish.
  • Environmentally friendly- The less disposable utensils you use, the less trash that’s made. And it’s better for the environment (and your pocket) if you didn’t have to buy plastic flatware and throw them away after use.
  • Food doesn’t get soggy- The Chinese food box has an insulation material called “PE Foam” between two pieces of cardboard. They’re usually 10 inches by 7.25 inches by 2.75 inches in dimension which is the perfect size for a standard takeout meal to-go.
  • Less money if you’re eating in – Most Chinese restaurants charge $1 for dine-in customers to use their utensils. If you’re enjoying ethnic foods, this can add up over time. It’s better to just pay for takeout food so you don’t have to worry about it.

Why are Chinese Food Boxes bad?

  • More to clean- If you’re eating directly out of the box, there’s one more dish for you to wash. And since it doesn’t have a lid unlike Chinese takeout containers, there’s a chance that you might get rice or food all over the place if your meal is messy.
  • Not the most sanitary- If you’re not getting takeout food often, the Chinese takeout container will start to look like it’s seen better days. The paint on the exterior might be all chipped off and there might be stuck-on food that you missed that is hard to remove. Sometimes they get greasy after a while, which makes it harder to clean too.
  • Not microwavable – If you want to heat your food, it’s better to use something made of plastic since the Chinese takeout container is made from cardstock and insulation material. The only way you can reheat this kind of takeout box is if you have a toaster oven or a stovetop.

How do Chinese food boxes help the product to stand out in the market?

Chinese food boxes are used worldwide for people who want to take their food with them and avoid doing dishes.

They’re made of cardboard and insulation material (PE Foam) and various color and design, depending on your order.

What are the most popular Chinese Food Boxes?

The most popular types of Chinese Food Boxes are the Lo Mein Boxes, Rice Boxes, and Chop Suey Boxes.

What TheCustomPackagingHub does?

TheCustomPackagingHub is a supplier of Chinese Food Boxes. We offer various sizes, designs, and wholesale prices to our clients. And we make it fast too! We can make these Chinese Food Box within 24 hours.

Chinese food box has the following features:

1. It’s fully recyclable, so you can reduce your carbon footprint on the earth.

2. It keeps the hot things hot and cold things cold, without using any ice packs or separate containers which are wasteful.

3. It has a compartment for rice at the bottom and the meal on top.

4. It’s customizable with different types of design and print (Yes! You can even get these made in bulk for your business needs)

5. They’re lightweight, compact, and portable- Perfect for on-the-go people.

6. No dishwashing required- A single box comes with one container for the main dish and one container for rice or other side dishes.

7. It’s made in different sizes, depending on your order.

8. It comes with heat insulation paper to keep your food hot or cold.

9. You can store leftovers when you get home because it keeps food fresher for longer than plastic containers.

10. It’s available in different colors and many designs.

11. They’re reusable, lasting for 1 or 2 reuse (if properly cleaned). You can even get these printed with your company logo to make them more personalized. 12. The takeout box comes with a lid that helps you eat on the go without making.


Chinese food boxes are a great way to prevent doing dishes when you get takeout and also help the environment since they’re made from recycled material. Just remember that you’ll have one more dish to clean if you eat out of the box/container, just like any other Chinese takeout box.

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