What are voice bots, and how they’re different from chatbots?

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The possibilities of communication between companies and clients (or potential clients) have multiplied with the appearance of digital technologies. Tools such as voice bots or chatbots allow customer service automation so that the company gains agility and efficiency.

This terrain is especially favourable for small and medium-sized companies with fewer economic resources and personnel. However, these two technologies present differences in their use and programming, which should be known to get the most out of them and choose the right one for each type of company.

Voice and Chat Bots are voice and text conversation interfaces, respectively, with advantages and disadvantages. They have their nearness and contrasts well marked, and understanding them. It will help you know which is the best interface for your business. Let’s dive into it.

Voice and Chat Bots: how are they different?

Both systems present significant differences, among which the following stand out:

They fulfil different functions.

On the one hand, Voice bots try to find a solution to any problem that may arise for a user. This is the case of Cortana, in Windows, or Siri, for Apple.

According to the investigation of Voicebot, the seed for the appearance of voice bots appeared in 1961. With technology implantation for voice recognition by IBM. Today, more than 1,000 million devices have access to technologies. Such as Google Assistant and 100 million to Alexa, the Amazon device.

It is software capable of automating communication between users and the company regarding chatbots. Thus, through a familiar tool for users (the chat), the company can offer immediate help to the user’s questions in a conversational format.

In general, chatbots work effectively to solve the most frequent doubts of users since. It is a highly automated communication (creating a conversational or decision tree). Still, it does not manage to cover all the topics.

According to figures provided by Salesforce, 53% of organizations dedicated to services expect to launch the use of chatbots. In the next 18 months -a growth of 136% compared to previous years.

Voice Bots present more complex technology.

A complete voice bot is only affordable for large companies since these systems integrate. Voice recognition systems with artificial intelligence, among other technologies.

On the other hand, chatbots are accessible to any business with a website that wants to invest in process improvement. Thus, in recent years, multiple and diverse software have appeared. that allow the creation of chatbots for small and medium-sized companies intuitively and economically.

You have to be aware that a chatbot cannot completely replace a person’s work. Because it is likely that you will find yourself with questions that you cannot solve. However, even in these cases, it can be helpful since it will be able to refer the inquiry or complaint. To the person in charge and inform the user that it will attend to as soon as possible. This reassures users who already know that their request is has processed.

Both technologies are implemented on different platforms

The usual ecosystem of voice bots are smartphones, called Home Speakers or Smart Speakers. (some examples include Google Home or Amazon Echo). For their part, chatbots are integrated into a company’s website, on a landing page, in its app, or through messaging systems.


The figures mentioned above prove the interest and approval of both systems, both by companies and users, for proactive support. Choosing the right technology for customer service has become one of the keys to any company’s digital transformation. Especially in SMEs, which with a website chatbot can streamline customer service and take on the part of the customer service burden while improving the user experience.

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