What are the benefits of private browsing?

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Five uses of private browsing 

Private browsing is a privacy feature that you may know as incognito mode or private mode. Its main part is that it allows web browsers not to store information about the page we are browsing.

A private browser offers a temporary session that does not share data with the browser, does not save information about web pages, history, web cache, passwords, form information, or cookies, deleting these or other temporary files when we end the session.

There are no guarantees that browser anonimo is 100% private.  

Uses of private browsing

Private browsing is mainly focused on safeguarding the user’s privacy and security, although it should remember that it is not the same as browsing.  

Typical use is for economic transactions, purchases with credit cards and service accounts such as PayPal, administrative procedures, or others, without leaving information about them, as you can review in this article to secure online purchases.

Access to a website with several accounts at the same time

Most websites do not allow you to log in with more than one account at a time. But private browsing mode offers a solution. 

Use of third party equipment

Suppose you have to use a family member’s or friend’s computer. In that case, iTopbrowser privato allows you not to leave traces of your task and not disable access to services of the equipment owner, as usually happens, having to log out of their accounts to use yours.

“Pure” search engine results

Search engines like Google use your search history and other information it has collected from you (lots of it) to display personalized search results.  

A session in incognito mode should give you the most “pure” results possible. This method works with all web search engines.

Electronic commerce

Following the previous use, imagine that you are researching the online purchase of a product that you want to buy online. For example, Amazon, like any site that offers personalized experiences based on your user account or previous activity, will remember that you were looking for that product type. Amazon will not only “hound” you on its portal but also on other websites you visit. If you don’t want this to happen, you can use a private browsing window. 

Read or access limits.

Some websites limit reading access to a few free articles, be it daily, weekly, or yearly, requiring a subscription payment once the key is exhausted. If, as is usually the case, access control is based on cookies, you can use private browsing to overcome the limit. Of course, be honest and use this technique only temporarily. If you like the site, consider subscribing because it will be the only way to maintain it in the future. You know the difficulties of the media to stay online.


Helpful function for many uses but always takes into account its scope. Limits web browser tracking, but it is not anonymous browsing. Other sources like your internet service provider, your company (if you use a computer at work), or the websites you visit will see your browsing activity.


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