Unveiling The Most Exclusive Savini Wheels for Rolls-Royces

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It is no secret that the Rolls-Royce is probably one of the most luxurious & prestigious passenger vehicles money can buy, if not the most. Driving a Rolls is a humbling but surprisingly jaunty experience, gives that it represents the pinnacle of luxury and automotive technology.

Naturally, owning such a car is a pretty big deal! For many decades, Rolls owners were mostly conservative business tycoons, ambassadors, CEOs, and the modern-day landed gentry. Now that the company itself is rolling out a couple of new models squarely aimed at the younger generations and the nouveau riche, that bit of conservatism is gone. Probably for good.

A good percentage of those who are first-time Rolls-Royce owners are increasingly ditching the factory-fitted rims and going for aftermarket options. The biggest beneficiary has been companies like Savini Wheels, one of the US’s and the world’s leading manufacturers of customized rims.

Their reputation for churning out CNC-machined wheels guaranteed to fit any luxury car is such that Savini has been forced to launch a few new models in quick succession. They are nearly perfect for the Bentleys, the Mercedes Maybach series, the Ferrari SF90 range, and the RR family.

If you are someone who drives a Rolls and would like to switch to a new set of wheels for that extra bit of exclusivity, we have your back!

Here are 3 Savini Wheels that’ll complement that beat of a car like no other.

The lingering affair between Savini and Rolls-Royce

Of course, plenty of RR owners opt for the top models of Lexani or Blaque Diamond rims too. But Savini’s products are almost too good to let go.

  1. Savini SL3 for the RR Cullinan: The Cullinan is perhaps the most luxurious and barrier-breaking SUV of all time considering it is the British icon’s first attempt at producing such a car. It is smaller than the full-size sedans and also a bit higher. One aspect that separates it from the competition is the ‘spaceframe’ design that seems futuristic.

For such a vehicle, you can try out the SL3 rims. The model is the flagship of the ‘SL’ series and is a 10-spoked hub-centric and deeply concave rim forged from the finest aerospace-grade aluminum.

Since this is an SUV, that concavity adds value as it allows the vehicle to tread anywhere. Besides, Savini Wheels offers unparalleled strength & durability and a perfect balance of elegance and substance. The brushed blue color option will add extra brownie points for edgy style.

Do note that the SL3, like all the rims you’ll read about on this page, is a lot more expensive than most other SUV wheels.

It would be a great idea to arrange for wheel financing in advance. While you are free to rely on whichever retailer you choose, we generally visit California’s AudioCity USA. They have been operating for over 33 years now and we often visit their premises for expert opinions on knotty issues.

  • Savini SL1 for the RR Ghost: There isn’t much to say about the Rolls-Royce Ghost except that it is the epitome of grace, form, functionality, and effortless eminence. The Ghost has now become the mainstay of the RR family although it’s not the top model.

For the Ghost, try out the SL1 rims from Savini. Yes, these are members of the same ‘SL’ series but there are several differences in how these wheels look and behave.

The SL1 is available in a ‘duoBLOCK’ (often spelt DUOBLOCK) design, which is fundamentally a kind of high-precision milling procedure to ensure that the product is completely faultless in dimensions. The ‘duoBLOCK’ technology eliminates gaps and sundry defects that are often mere millimeters across.

 You can retain the iconic logo at the center cap even after fitting the rim.

The SL1 wheels are lightweight and super-sturdy, allowing for better performance on city roads and in off-road conditions too. Their low weight reduces your car’s carbon footprint.

Simply put, these wheels are as smooth and silent as the Ghost itself!

Unleash the maverick in you by opting for colors like candy pink. With bright yellow accents or perhaps a grey & light red combo. Else, there’s always matte black and chrome to fall back upon.

  • Savini BM16 for the RR Wraith: The super-deluxe coupe is set to be discontinued starting 2023, Rolls-Royce has confirmed. While it is true that this magnificent 4-door coupe is indeed aging, not everyone is planning to let go of it!

The Black di Forza is one of the most advanced Savini Wheels series. You can ask for endless customizations. The BM16 also belongs to this family.

It is a symphony of concave spokes, exceptional response to your every command, low weight, and exotic looks.

All models in the Black di Forza lineup are 1-piece wheels craft from a single chunk of aerospace-grade cast aluminum. This makes them Monoblock rims.

They are ideal for the Wraith and even the RR Dawn because the rims have been designed for everyday use. There are several bolt patterns on offer, as size. Perhaps these models sell in large numbers because of the lower price tag and the minimalistic aesthetics.

A word on wheel financing

If you are going for financing options, so please reads the terms and conditions very minutely. The devil, as they say, lies in the small print!

Also, rely only on established retailers who won’t short-change you.

Happy motoring with the Rolls!


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