The Spirit of Christmas and all our traditions

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A few days from December 25, we are all in the effervescence: the decoration, the gifts, the menu that we will plan… However, in this special period, everyone also appreciates stopping and enjoying the Christmas spirit and traditions that give it meaning. But, exactly, what are our traditions? And what are they for?

What is the spirit of Christmas?

Christmas is not a day or a season, it’s a state of mind!

The Christmas spirit is to bring this somewhat magical atmosphere to life and which is made up of a multitude of little things, moments, intentions and sharing. The spirit of Christmas is unique to everyone and to their needs and desires. Some will find the spirit of Christmas in the moments shared with family, friends, colleagues and others in the decorations that light up homes, towns and villages. Still for some, it’s all about their plate, while others will find their magic in music, reading… But most of the time, it’s a mix of all of these help to give this period a different aura, softer and more positive than the rest of the year and to create happy memories .

The importance of traditions

There is no other time of year when traditions are as important as Christmas. But what exactly are traditions?
Traditions are those habits that we repeat from year to year and which function like time beacons (Christmas time, Easter time, summer vacation time, etc.), secure us by giving us constant and stable foundations while forging our cultural and family identity. In our ever-changing society, traditions remind us of who we are, our roots, and bring us together. This is why it is important to maintain them and, as we go along, establish new ones with our own family and friends.

What are our Christmas traditions?

There are the Christmas traditions that we all know: decorating the house and the tree. Sharing a meal on New Year’s Eve or December 25, and giving each other gifts. And then there are those that are specific to us, such as watching family movies. ( a list of 10 must-see movies awaits you here ). Going to the ice rink, baking cookies, etc. They are as numerous as they are diverse, and have value for those who perpetuate them. And they allow us to mark the occasion.

At home, for example, we usually decorate the tree as a family. to the sound of our favorite playlist and end with a moment in front of a seasonal cartoon. We also like to visit the Christmas markets, have a drink with our close friends, buy new decorations every year. Count down the days and I always enjoy a good cup of Christmas tea. We also always go to the cinema around December 25 with the children. These are our traditions, those that delight us every year.

And at home, what are the moments that are specific to your clan? So what traditions are important to you? And which ones would you like to implement?

Some ideas of Christmas traditions to establish

Do you want to make this time of year unique? So why not keep traditions alive or establish new ones with your own? We give you some ideas and food for thought.

Christmas Reading

Christmas is a season to slow down and pick up a few books to get in the mood. There are the classics to read like the tales of Dickens. But each year, new titles swell the ranks for our greatest happiness. Here are the names of our favorite Christmas books this year!

  • “Christmas at the Little Bakery” or “The Cupcake Café in the Snow” by Jenny Colgan
  • “What do you do for Christmas” by Carene Ponte
  • “Will there be too much snow at Christmas” or “Christmas and prejudice”, two collections of Christmas stories by #TeamRomCom, the collective of authors of French romantic comedies
  • “The Secret Vows of the McBride Sisters” by Sarah Morgan
  • “One Day in December” by Josie Silver

Christmas recipe book

Creating your own collection of recipes is fun. Especially when it comes to our favorite Christmas recipes that we love to make every year. We compile everything in a pretty notebook or binder that we add new ideas to. We can also share it or pass it on to those who are dear to us.

Write a letter to Santa Claus

It’s not just children who can write to Santa Claus. Grown-ups also have the right to ask to be answered. Writing down what we most dearly wish for, our wishes and our dreams is as magical at 35 as it is at 6!

Some ideas of Christmas traditions around the world

What’s great about Christmas and its traditions is that you can also travel. And inspires the customs of the world to open your mind . Here are some pretty ideas from elsewhere…

  • In Estonia , it is customary to go to the sauna on Christmas Eve after preparing the house for the holiday. Well-being at Christmas, but what a great idea!
  • In Ireland , window sills are decorated with candles which are left burning to welcome Mary and Joseph. We love the luminous atmosphere of the candle-lit windows!
  • In England or the United States , there is no Christmas table without crackers, these little paper wrappers so that open with the sound of a firecracker and contain little surprises, games or humorous phrases. The little ones love it!
  • In the Czech Republic, we make sure that there is always an even number of guests at the table and that no one turns their back on the door. This may be an opportunity to invite a single person and have fun with the seating plan!
  • In Denmark, the house is decorated with candles, hearts, and stars. Advent candles are also burned to count down the days until Christmas. Finally, we all taste the food together during the meal, a traditional dessert in which an almond is hidden. Whoever finds it and manages to hide it for the tasting usually receives a small lucky gift. Yum!
  • In Iceland, books are mainly published at the end of the year, a nice tradition where everyone offers and receives many books from reading warm under the tree. More books to book, more cozy time to get through the winter!
  • In Australia, where the seasons are reversed, So Christmas falls in the middle of summer! We celebrate it on the beach or in the garden, around a barbecue or with a large seafood platter. But as it lacks a charm, the Australians of the Blue Mountains region invented Yulefest, a Christmas tradition that takes place in the middle of winter (in July) and has become a real tradition based on traditional songs and roast turkey. Celebrate Christmas twice a year? We say yes!
  • As you can see, there can be as many Christmases as there are families or different groups of friends. Everyone creates this period in their own image by distilling a little of their childhood traditions and starting new ones. But the most important thing is to do what makes you happy and what really matters to you. Without pressure and with flexibility.

·         Merry Christmas to everyone !


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