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Sweden’s First Female Prime Minister Resigns Just Hours After Taking Office

Sweden’s first female prime minister has resigned just hours after taking office

On Wednesday, Magdalena Anderson took over the PM’s job but resigned a day later after her allies left the government and her government’s budget failed.

Parliament then passed a budget prepared by the opposition. Sweden’s opposition includes anti-immigrant, far-right parties.

“I told the speaker I wanted to resign,” Magdalena Anderson told reporters. Magdalena Anderson has said she would run for prime minister again as a party leader.

His coalition partner, the Greens Party, said it could not accept the “right-wing first-time” budget.

On Wednesday, Social Democrat Magdalena Anderson said that “it is a constitutional process that the coalition government should resign if one of the coalition parties leaves.” I do not want to lead a government whose legitimacy is in question.

The Speaker of Parliament said that he would contact the party leaders on the next step.

Magdalena Anderson was elect’s prime minister on Wednesday because under Swedish law. She needs a majority in Parliament not to vote against her.

One hundred years after Sweden voted for women. The 54-year-old Social Democrat leader was greeted by some members of Parliament on occasion.

He was selected as head of the minority government following. A last-minute deal with the left-wing opposition party to increase Swedish pensions. He also had the support of the coalition partner Greens Party.

Out of 349 members of Parliament, 174 voted against him. However, 117 members were supporting Magdalena Anderson, with another 57 abstaining and winning by one vote.

Magdalena is a graduate of Anderson University City Uppsala and is a junior swimming champion. He started his political pra=ctice career in 1996 as a political adviser to the then Prime Minister Goran Person. She is spending the last seven years as finance minister.

Election of Magdalena Anderson

Before the election of Magdalena Anderson, Sweden was the only Nordic state without a female Prime Minister.

She is becoming the first female prime minister in Sweden’s history should have been a source of celebration. For Magdalena Anderson, but she had just resigned when the sunset.

Due to the complexities of Swedish politics, we cannot assume that his political career is over. If re-elected Prime Minister, Anderson may be re-elected. This is because the Green Party has pledged its support despite leaving as a formal coalition partner. But they will be in a weak position under a fragile minority government. yet, they will have to stick to the right-wing budget that Parliament has already voted on.

What all this political turmoil points out is how divided Swedish politics is at the moment. If voters break the deadlock in next year’s election. With a significant shift to the right or the left.

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