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Strike in Kabul US authorities offer compensation

The amount of the proposed strike in kabul payments has not disclosed in the newspaper notes.

NEW YORK, October 16. / TASS /. The US authorities offered to pay compensation to the relatives of 10 people. Who died in the American strike in kabul on August 29. This has reported on Friday by The New York Times with reference to the Pentagon press service.

According to the publication

According to the publication, the corresponding proposal was voice. On Thursday by the US Deputy Secretary of Defense. For Political-Military Affairs Colin Kahl in an interview with the head of the . Zemari Ahmadi works in it, who was mistaken by the US military. For a fighter of the Islamic State in Khorasan terrorist group. Which is an offshoot of the Islamic State terrorist organization (banned in the Russian Federation).

Islamic State terrorist organization

The amount of the proposed payments has not disclosed. So, The newspaper emphasizes that the Pentagon. And the State Department are working to take out. The surviving members of the Ahmadi family to the United States. Afghanistan International reported Wednesday. That the relatives of ten people killed in the US airstrike are awaiting promised compensation from the American leadership.

Strike in Kabul

As initially has reported by the United States. Therefore, An American drone struck a car with explosives in Kabul on August 29. With the help of which IS militants in Khorasan intended to carry out a terrorist attack. As the representative of the UN Children’s Fund in Kabul Gerve de Lis informed. Seven children, became victims of the attack by the US Armed Forces.

The Pentagon initially stated that they did not have information about the deaths of civilians but promised to double-check this information.

On September 17, following an investigation, the Pentagon admitted. That the American drone in Kabul was a mistake and resulted in the deaths of ten civilians, including seven children.

US Central Command

The head of the US Central Command. Therefore General Kenneth Mackenzie, said that Washington would study. So the possibility of compensating the relatives of those killed in the impact. Recognizing that this will be difficult after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

As an apology for the mistaken missile strike in kabul on a residential area in Kabul. So, the United States is offering to pay. The families of the victim’s monetary compensation and help them to leave Afghanistan.

The Pentagon plans to work more actively with the Department of State to help. Afghans who are relatives of the victims of the August attack.

Failed revenge

The attack on Kabul was struck by American forces in late August. So, Several days after the attack on the international airport. Which became a serious precondition for a new tragedy.

On the evening of August 26, a suicide bomber made a self-detonation. At one of the checkpoints of the air harbor. Then an IED was placed in a parked car has detonated. The third explosion occurred near the Baron Hotel, located nearby.

Since at that moment, an emergency evacuation of foreign forces. And their Afghan allies was carring out on the territory of the international airport. There were a large number of people. The first explosion and the subsequent indiscriminate shooting killed about 200 people, including 13 American soldiers. More than a thousand Afghans were injured in strike in Kabul .


For example, in 1996, the White House paid about $ 61.8 million. To the families of the victims of the Iran Air Airbus A300B2-203 passenger aircraft. In 1988, on commercial flight 655, he has shot down over. So, The Persian Gulf by a surface-to-air missile fired from the cruiser Vincennes. The result was the death of 290 people.

As noted, then the American military allegedly confused. A large passenger liner with a compact jet fighter F-14 of the Iranian Air Force.

 . The USA formally apologized in 1996.

By the “grace” of the United States

Now the Pentagon has again recalled its intentions to somehow smooth over the situation that is inconvenient for Washington. And ex-gratia payments should help the United States get rid of pressure from human rights defenders.

Erroneous attacks on civilians and civilian targets are not uncommon. For US troops involved in one way or another in most modern armed conflicts. However, now Afghanistan has become a problem region. To which the close attention of the world community is riveted.

And the fact that, after a 20-year presence, the United States withdrew. So, Its troops and left the country to its fate. Literally giving it over to the Taliban 1 (banned in Russia), is a serious strain on Washington’s international reputation. And each fatal mistake of the Pentagon further aggravates the situation. It will not be possible to forget about the incident in Kabul.

Zehn Menschen starben bei einem Drohnenangriff der USA im August in strike in kabul. So, Das US-Verteidigungsministerium erklärte. Dass es den Verbliebenen der Zivilisten eine Entschädigung zahlt und eine Ausreise in die USA ermögliche.

Escape from real responsibility

Now Washington is once again seeking to avoid legal responsibility for the crime committed by the Pentagon employees. And 10 peaceful Afghans in Kabul died precisely “by the mercy” of the United States. And the voluntary provision of ex-gratia compensation, in this case, becomes the price of silence.

Surely some of the families who lost their children. It could not count on asylum in the United States. Such an opportunity has provided only to those. Who collaborated with the Western coalition during the armed operation. But now the State Department is ready to play this card too.

voluntary payment of compensation

And is it possible in this case to talk about some “voluntary payment of compensation”. When it comes to a real murder, a crime. So, The fact of which has been proven?

Nevertheless, the American administration plans to publicly “save”. Several more people. Rom the Taliban in order to openly say that the “guilt strike in kabul” of the military has completely atoned for. Even without its legal recognition.

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