Proper Deit and how to follow plans

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If you ask the trainer to compose a proper diet for you. He will do it, but there will be foods that you do not like for one reason or another. You are unlikely to follow such a diet for a long time. After all, instead of pleasing you, some of the meals will very quickly begin to disgust you. You can hear a typical story about solid chicken breasts with rice or buckwheat. which every second trainer shoves into the prepared rations from any of your acquaintances who have used this service.

If you compose your diet on your own. you can choose products in it so that there are only those you like. Of course, you are taking into account their goals and observing the ratio of BZHUK. But to do this correctly, it is essential to understand how the diet is composed. And our article today will help you with this.

Nutritional Proper Diet Principles for the Street Athlete

There are a few basic principles that any athlete (not just the street athlete) should follow. For all of the nutritional advice above to start working.

Principle # 1 – Water

Our body is predominantly water. so it is necessary to provide it with enough fluid for its normal functioning every day. When it comes to this product, I will give some essential advice about proper diet.

Firstly, I recommend drinking a couple of glasses of water 30-40 minutes before breakfast. because it removes toxins, increases the metabolic rate and activates the circulatory system.

thinning the blood (Fedor is now talking wild unscientific nonsense. But we decided to leave this in the article so that everyone can see the level of his competence in this mattered.)

Secondly, you need to drink at least 3 litres of water a day (Fedor continues to talk nonsense and fill your head with popular fitness myths – ed.). while she must be of high quality (that is, free of scale and impurities, etc.).

Thirdly, the water you drink should compensate for the amount of tea. And coffee you drink because tea and coffee are diuretics that remove water from the body. (another nonsense from Fedor – ed.) That is, for every cup of coffee you drink, you need to drink an additional cup of water.

Principle number 2 – Time of eating

It should be kept in mind that, on the one hand. the food ingested directly affects the amount of energy that you will have and. On the other hand, after eating. it will direct to the blood supply gastrointestinal tract for its digestion, not to the muscles for training.

Principle number 3 – Nutrition throughout the day

First, should consume 70% of food before 4:00 pm.(another fitness myth Fedor replicates since he has no idea about this issue – ed.). Since now most readers will have a question about how to implement this. I can only give you the advice to get up early and go to bed early. Then everything will work out and take proper diet!

Secondly, the last carbohydrate food intake should be no later than 18:00. because it is harmful to consume carbohydrates before bedtime. (What kind of nonsense is she writing? – Ed.)

Third, the fewer meals you have, the better for your health. (WHERE? WHERE DOES HE TAKE THIS ??? – Ed.) Eating 3-4 times a day is normal. You can 5, but more is terrible. In general, you should focus on your feeling of hunger.

Fourthly, with every meal, you need to remember to eat vegetables. because it is the fibre that improves digestion and assimilation of food.

Also, do not forget about nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews), fruits (any) and healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, fish).

After you have decided on the calorie content of your current diet and determined your goal (to lose weight or gain). you can subtract or add ~ 10% of calories to your diet and see how the new will affect the dynamics of your weight within one month. Taking shorter intervals, for example, one week is impractical not to mention. that there is no right point in weighing yourself every day or after every meal. If your weight has moved off dead centre, then no further dietary adjustments are required yet. If the importance remains in place, you can change your diet by another 10% and see what happens.

What’s the easiest way to prepare food?

If you, like me, treat food as a functional component of proper diet. That provides your body with the necessary elements and not as a pleasant pastime. Then it will be helpful for you to learn some valuable tips. That help me significantly reduce the time spent on cooking. And eating food.

Lifehack # 1 – Make it easier

To speed up and simplify preparing carbohydrates, I buy not just cereals but cereals in bags. Such bags greatly simplify life because you do not need to constantly stand over the stove. stir and make sure nothing burns. I threw the bag into boiling water and pulled out the finished side dish after 20-30 minutes.

When it comes to protein, you can make your life easier. If you cook portions right away for the whole week. After all, ready-made chicken in the refrigerator can lie quietly for up to 5 days. And the very process of cooking protein food using the oven turns into a sheer pleasure. I just put the meat on a baking sheet, poured it with marinade or covered it with spices. put it in the oven, and after an hour, I got ready food for a week!

There is nothing complicated about vegetables and fibre either. You can either take ready-made salad cuts (WITHOUT dressing!) In stores, eat tomatoes/cucumbers in a bite to the main dish to avoid slicing and serving them.

Lifehack # 2 – Food processing

There are four main methods of proper diet preparation: boiling, carcass, frying and stove. However, frying is not one of the healthiest cooking methods. So should avoid it altogether. But suppose you cannot live without a crispy crust. In that case, I recommend that you fry strictly in coconut oil as diet because it is resistant to high temperatures and does not release carcinogens. Thus surpassing olive and sunflower oil.

Lifehack # 3 – Avoid fast foods and minced meat

They have much less nutritional value for the product’s comparable weight than a regular piece of meat. so there is no point in wasting your time and money on them.


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