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Personal Loan:5 Important Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Personal Loan

Personal loan

Proper management and assessment of finance are imperative in today’s life. It helps you get an understanding of your sources of income and investments. It also enables you to evaluate which loans you can avail of and up to what extent.

Financial institutions offer various loans. These can be personal loans, loans against property, home loans, or two-wheeler loans.  You must opt for the loans which best match your financial needs. So, let’s get you to start on everything you require to know about personal loans.

What is an Instant Personal Loan?

An instant personal loan refers to a type of unsecured loan for which you do not require any collateral. These loans can use for various financial needs, including medical emergencies, home renovation, or relocation purposes. Such loans offer many benefits, as listed below.

Minimum Documentation

For availing of personal loans, minimal documentation is necessary. This leads to the lesser time needed for the availing of such loans.

Quick Disbursal

Such loans get disburses within a minimum time once the loan is approved. It makes personal loans the go-to-go option in case of medical or other emergencies.

  • Flexibility

Personal loans can be used for multiple purposes. This means you can use personal loans for relocation, medical emergencies, home renovations, or for your child’s wedding. Such loans are very flexible in their utilization. 

Factors to Consider While Availing Personal Loans

There are various factors one must consider while availing of the right personal loan. These include interest rate, credit history, repayment tenure, assessment of all costs, and loan amount. These factors are discussed below.

  1. Interest Rates

  Before taking a personal loan, you must carefully compare the interest rates offered by different financial institutions. After comparison, you must select the financial institution which offers the lowest interest rate. This is very important as it reduces the overall burden of the EMI payments. It is the second significant factor that you must consider before availing of personal loans. (check out personal loan rates)

Loan Amount

This is the primary factor you must consider before taking a loan. It largely influences the amount of EMI payments and the total finances you will need to arrange to meet your needs.

You must only take loans of an amount that meets your repayment ability. You must also keep in mind your debt obligations before you determine your loan amount.

Repayment Tenure

It refers to the time duration during which you need to make your repayments. You must select a repayment tenure in which you can make the EMI payments with ease. The longer your repayment tenure, the lesser the EMI amount that you need to pay.

Equated Monthly Installments

This is one of the primary factors that you must consider while choosing the right personal loan. EMI payments are influencing the loan amount and the interest rates. With the help of the personal loan calculator.

You can now calculate the amount of EMI payments. This can do easily by entering the loan amount, the interest rate, and the repayment period. You can further readjust these values as per your financial requirements.

Evaluation of all Costs

Various costs are incurred while availing of personal loans. These include processing fees, late payment fees, or pre-payment fees. These costs increase the overall financial burden for repayment of the loan. Therefore, you must carefully estimate these fees of the financial institution. You are taking a loan to have better management of your finances.

Documents Required for Availing Personal Loans

Proper documentation is essential to ensure the timely submission of all application forms. For availing of personal loans, various documents are necessary. These are following below.

Identify Proof

You need valid identification proof to avail of a personal loan. These may submit in the form of a driving license, voter’s ID, passport, or pan card.

Residence Proof

You also require proof of residence in the form of utility bills. These can include electricity, telephone, or water bills of your residence. These bills must not be older than three months.

Salary or Income Proof

For salaried individuals, salary proof is necessary for availing of personal loans. So much proof, salary slips of the last three months. And the latest bank statements in which the salary is credited are required. For self-employed individuals, income proof is necessary for these loans.

As such proof, audited financials for the last two years. And the latest bank statements of the last 6 months are necessary.


There are many benefits of availing of personal loans. These include flexibility, no requirement of collateral, minimum documentation, and low-interest rates. Good credit history of timely payments is the key to availing of personal loans without difficulty. You must also keep in mind factors such as loan amount, interest rates. And repayment period before availing of such loans.

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