NHL clubs History of names and nicknames

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 History of names and nicknames of NHL clubs

Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks – nicknames: “Ducks,” “Ducky,” “Quacks,” “Mighty Ducks,” “Ducks from Anaheim,” According to rivals, “Ugly ducklings” until 2007. When a new NHL teamhas founded by Walt Disney in 1993, there was no question of a name. “Mighty Ducks of Anaheim,” which translates. As “Mighty Ducks from Anaheim” – this is what the club was calls. The Californian team got such a name for a reason.

The fact is that in 1992, that is, exactly one year before the founding of the team. The Walt Disney studio has released a film about a children’s hockey team from Minnesota. Which was called “The Mighty Ducks.” The company made very good money from this film and decided. That by calling the team “Mighty Ducks,” it would be easier to promote the brand (and make money from it), as well as get a whole army of fans from the very first day of the team’s existence.

NHL clubs logo

In 2006 the club was sold, the logo was in changing process. And the word “mighty” was remove from the name. To this day, the team from the Californian city of Anaheim start calls as Anaheim Ducks. The nickname “Ducks” is a translation of the word “Ducks,” and “Ducky” and “Quack” are derivatives and are using by Russian-speaking fans. The Anaheim Ducks’ mascot is Wild Wing – an anthropomorphic duck.

Arizona Coyotes

Arizona Coyotes” – nicknames: “Coyotes,” “Dogs,” “Coyotes from Arizona.” The Arizona Coyotes team was known as the Winnipeg Jets. Until 1996 and was based in Winnipeg, Canada. In fact, the current “Arizona” and “Winnipeg” have nothing in common. The fact is that the current Winnipeg Jets is a former Atlanta Thrashers club based in Atlanta, USA NHL clubs. In 1996 Winnipeg was renamed Phoenix Coyotes and moves to Glendale, Arizona, USA.

In 2009 the club has declared bankrupt and became the property of the National Hockey League. Then there were rumors that the team might again change their place of registration. However, the movie did not happen. In 2013, the NHL sold the then Phoenix to new owners. The club’s new bosses have announced that the team will continue to play in Glendale. But the name will has changed to “Arizona Coyotes” before the 2014/15 season.

Why exactly “Coyotes,” you ask? Everything is very simple! The nickname was chose by the fans. Just over 10,000 people voted for the Coyotes, with the Scorpions in second place. Sometimes Russian-speaking fans call the team “Dogs.” Coyote is derives from coyote. Which means “divine dog” in Aztec. The Arizona Coyotes mascot is the Howler the Coyote. The Arizona Coyotes mascot is the Howler the Coyote.

 Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames” – nicknames: “Lights”, “Flames”, “Lights”, “Flames”, “Calgary Lights”. In 1972, the Atlanta Flames club was born. This was the name of the team that is now referred to as the Calgary Flames. Until 1980, the Atlanta Flames Club was based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Translated from English, “Flames” means “flame,” “fire.”

The name “Flames” reflects the terrible events of the American Civil War and their aftermath, namely the burning of the city of Atlanta to the ground. After moving to Calgary, the Flames decided not to change the name of the NHL clubs. An interesting fact is that Atlanta is the only city to have lost two NHL franchises at once (Atlanta Flames and Atlanta Thrashers).

All nicknames of the team are only associated with its name: “Lights,” “Lights,” “Flame,” “Tongues of Flame.” The Calgary Flames’ mascot is Harvey the Hound. She was introduce in 1983 and became the first-ever NHL mascot. The Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks – nicknames: “Hawks,” “Black Hawks,” “Indians,” “Inchu-Chuns,” “Black Hawks from Chicago,” according to the rivals of “Chika.” Multimillionaire Frederick McLaughlin, in the mid-1920s, bought the Portland Rosebuds club for $ 200,000 from brothers Frank and Lester Patrick, organizers of the Western Hockey League.

The team was transported to Chicago. Illinois, and named “Chicago Black Hawks.” And this is not a mistake, indeed, before the name of the team was written separately, and only since 1986 a merged version of the spelling – ” The Chicago Blackhawks” was used. McLaughlin is a former Army Major. During World War I, he served in a division named after the leader of the Sauk Indian tribe, the Black Hawk.

Therefore, McLaughlin did not have to think long about the name of his team. Sometimes “Chicago” is calls “Eagles,” but this is wrong. The mascot Chicago Blackhawks” is Tommy Hawk (Tommy Hawk, legendary Indian warrior). He hates being calling an eagle. 

Colorado Avalanche

“Colorado Avalanche” (Colorado Avalanche) – nicknames: “Avalanches”, “Avalanches from Colorado”, according to rivals “Beetles”, “Cala”. The history of the current Colorado Avalanche began in 1972 in Quebec, Canada, where the Quebec Nordics club was born. “Nordix” existed until 1995. On July 1, 1995, the team moved to Denver and changed their name to Colorado Avalanche.

Interestingly, in the same year, immediately after the move, Avalanches won their first Stanley Cup. The names were also considered: “Bears” (Bears), “Cougars” (Cougars). “Renegates” (Apostates), “Outlous” (Outlaws). “Avalanche” in English means “avalanche.” Mascot “Dallas stars.

Dallas stars

“Dallas Stars” – nicknames: “Stars,” “Dallas Stars.” The birth of the team has dated 1967. It was in this year that the leadership of the National Hockey League decides to expand to twelve teams. The current “Dallas Stars” until 1993 was calling the “Minnesota North Stars” and was based in Bloomington, Minnesota.

“North Stars” translates to “North Star,” and this name for the NHL clubs has chosen by fans who used the motto of the state of Minnesota – “L’Etoile du Nord,”. which means “North Star” in French. In 1990, the Minnesota North Stars club was sale out. New owner Norman Green moved the team to Dallas, Texas, in 1993 and changed the club’s name to Dallas Stars. The nickname “Stars” is a translation of the word “Stars.” Dallas Stars Mascot – Victor I.

 Edmonton Oilers

“Edmonton Oilers” – nicknames: “Oil”, “Oilmen”, “Oil”, “Oils”, “Oilmen of Edmonton”. From birth, the current Edmonton Oilers called the Alberta Oilers. The club has named a province in Canada. As it was conceived that the Oilers would hold home meetings in Edmonton and Calgary, which, in fact, was not destined to happen.

Bill Hunter, the owner of the Edmonton Oil Kings (Oil Kings) junior team, has received repeated rejections from the leadership of the National Hockey League in a request to admit a new club from the Canadian city of Edmonton to the NHL. Ultimately, having received another “turn from the gate” from the NHL, Hunter managed to declare the team in the WHA. The club was renamed the Edmonton Oilers a year later.

In 1978, the legendary Wayne Gretzky came to Edmonton, and a year later (1979), the team managed to get into the NHL. The name “Oilers” is quite logical. After all, Edmonton was then the oil capital of Canada, which, in fact, remains to this day. The Edmonton Oilers are one of three NHL clubs that do not have a mascot.

 Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings” (Los Angeles Kings) – nicknames: “Kings,” “Kings,” “Team from the City of Angels,” “A.A. Kings” (L.A.), “Kings of Los Angeles,” according to the rivals “Elk. “NHL clubs that have not changed their names since the beginning of its existence. The Kings were recruited into the NHL in 1967 and are the Second Six, one of six teams to appear in the National Hockey League following its expansion from six to twelve teams.

The name “Kings,” which means “Kings” in English, is suggested by the fans. Club owner Jack Kent Cook did not hesitate for a second. He really liked the idea of ​​creating the “Royal Team” in Los Angeles. And giving the club that name is a great way to pay tribute to the Los Angeles Monarchs, which played in the Pacific Hockey League (PCHL) in the 1930s. Jack Kent Cook also owned the Lakers basketball team, and their colors were gold and purple.

Cook decided that the King’s colors would also be gold and purple because they symbolize royal greatness and power. When Bruce McNeill co-owned the Kings in 1980, he insisted on changing the color scheme to black and silver. But the name of the club remained untouched—mascot “Los Angeles Kings” NHL clubs – Kingston (Kingston) – the anthropomorphic snow leopard.


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