Major Benefit of Goodman Air Conditioners

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When it comes to home cooling, heating, and energy-saving home comfort, Goodman® is a trusted brand. That’s because Goodman more than lives up to its name, with time-tested energy-efficient technology, extraordinarily long-lasting materials, and accurate manufacturing. So, no matter where you live or how big or little your house is, Goodman is sure to have a solution to keep your home comfortable.

An air conditioner seems to cool the air in your house, but it really makes it less heated by extracting heat from the inside air and transferring it to the outside. Heat is taken from the home by passing indoor air through a refrigerant coil. Which is normally located above the furnace. The heat is then carried via refrigerant lines to the outside unit. Where it is discharged into the ambient air. The cooling cycle is repeated until the indoor temperature meets the thermostat setting.

Performance that lasts and is efficient-

Your Goodman High-Efficiency Air Conditioner will keep you cool even on the hottest summer days. At the core of your Goodman air conditioner are a high-performance, high-efficiency scroll compressor, and a high-efficiency coil. The coil is of high-quality copper tubing and aluminum fins, with a large surface area. These high-quality components operate in tandem to efficiently cool your home while also minimizing your energy costs.

If that isn’t enough, Goodman goes above and beyond by putting a liquid-line filter drier in every air conditioner they produce. The filter drier prevents moisture and debris from entering the compressor motor and expansion mechanism, hence increasing system life. Many manufacturers ignore this step, despite the fact that they’ve been including filter driers in their air conditioners since they first began manufacturing them since they know it adds years to the unit’s life.

Unit’s operational costs and SEER-

The name “SEER” refers to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is a measurement of an air conditioner or heat pump’s cooling energy efficiency developed by the United States Department of Energy. It’s a simple formula: the higher the SEER of your unit, the more efficient it is – and the lower your operating costs.

The federal government’s current minimum factory cooling standards are 10 SEER. Many older installed units in many homes may be much less efficient in terms of operating efficiency. In many cases, older units can dramatically raise the electricity bill.

When compared to many older units and today’s 10 SEER models, Goodman GSX14 SEER Air Conditioners provide substantial savings. In fact, these units are so efficient that they satisfy the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) Energy Star Program’s higher criterion.

Noise-Free System

We understand that the last thing you want to hear in the middle of the night is a loud air conditioner turning on. As a result, Goodman High-Efficiency Air Conditioners have a number of sound-dampening technologies to guarantee that your cooling system does not interfere with a good night’s sleep. To decrease compressor noise, the first covers the compressor with a high-density sound blanket.

Then, to decrease fan noise, they use a quiet condenser fan system, which includes an 8-pole, 840-RPM motor, a four-bladed fan, and a wire fan discharge grille. Your Goodman High-Efficiency Air Conditioner will keep you cool and comfortable — you simply won’t be able to hear it while it’s running.

Outstanding Warranty Protection

Goodman Air Conditioners go to great lengths to create things that will last for years. And they are so confident in the longevity of their products that they provide some of the finest warranties in the market for your Goodman High-Efficiency Air Conditioner. For starters, the compressors in their 14 SEER models are back. To a Lifetime Limited Warranty for the original, registered homeowner. The remaining parts are then covers a 10-year Limited Parts Warranty.

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