Lead generation of landing pages  

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Here is some examples of lead generation of landing pages:

 Quick Sprout Lead generation of landing pages

QuickSprout. Advanced Lead Acquisition Workshop. Free bonus: 24-step algorithm I use to teach marketing. (Call to action button 🙂 Yes, I want to teach me how to grow my business.

This landing page tells you exactly who will teach you (Neil Patel), what he will teach you (how to increase search traffic, how to generate social traffic without using ads, how to build link mass), and how you can access the webinar (by filling out the form).

The webinar is given a certain intimacy with the help of “private” language and expressions like “Yes, I want Neil to teach me how to grow my business.” There is not much text, but it is all in essence.

Blue Apron

Greetings -> Select Package and Preferences -> Calculate. Get 3 extra meals for free with your first order! No commitment. Receive your package whenever it suits you. You can also skip delivery or opt-out of the service at any time—personalized menu. Please choose from our packages for two or the whole family. Tell us about your dietary preferences, and we will tailor the menu to suit you. Convenient delivery. All ingredients are neatly packed in refrigerated boxes, so food stays fresh even when you’re not home when your order arrives.


Group communication for the 21st century. Channels. Organize group conversations. Create a separate channel for a project, topic, or whatever – everyone will have access to what is happening. For confidential information, create private channels where you will invite only certain group members—direct messages. Send messages directly to any person or group of people for thematic conversations. Calls. Move from text messages to face-to-face discussions with audio or video calls on any channel or via direct messages. Make private or group calls directly from Slack without resorting to other apps or invite links.

The video tips in the main image section demonstrate how easy Slack is to use. All the main functions of the service are reflected in the text of the landing page. The header is included a persuasive and inspiring value proposition (Value Proposition).

Magnolia Market 

Come and live like Magnolia.

Magnolia Market’s primary business is sales Lead generation of landing pages. But you can stay at The Magnolia Home while on vacation. The landing page tells you what dates are available for booking. The site uses photographs taken by clients to help you create a realistic view of your home and treat it like your own. The service offers an easy booking process. There is a secondary appeal – a subscription to the newsletter.


How its works. Pay only for the clothes you keep for yourself. No subscription fees or stylist fees. 1. Subscribe. Tell us about yourself, your clothing size, and your style preferences. Determine the budget boundaries that are right for you. 2. Collect your order. In your next order (for ExampleExample, “2 shirts and a pair of jeans”), determine when you would like to receive it. Or let us prepare a surprise for you! 3. Receive an email with a preview of the order. Your stylist will arrange the garments of your choice and send you an email. Change or cancel what you don’t like. 4. Get your clothes. After delivery of the order, you will have 7 days to try it on, only after that. Give back what you don’t like and only pay for what you keep for yourself. Delivery of orders and returns is free 

  • The four-step process is as simple as possible to understand.
  • A potential client pays only for the clothes he likes, and he does not need to pay for the services of a stylist.
  • Photos show how the package and dresses will look like.
  • Also read this:what is marketing a beginners guide

Sometimes all we need is a wardrobe change. Bombfell seized on this idea, making it part of their unique selling proposition:


Create a profile for the wedding (enter your email). Manage the process (sign in). Find a wedding of friends/relatives (Name / Surname)

Wayfair Home Store offers services for those who are about to get married and want to inform friends and family about their preferred gifts:

  • The visitor is informed about the steps required of him. Whether it is about starting to use the site, managing his ceremony, or looking for information about a friend’s marriage.
  • The brands presented in the store are highlighted – this adds transparency.
  • Logos also act as social proof.
  • Reasons are given why consumers should choose this particular company over the larger and more established brands.

Basecamp Lead generation of landing pages

Six thousand two hundred forty-two companies registered last week. Unsurprisingly, who doesn’t want the business to go better? Before we found Basecamp, we were missing tasks and missing deadlines. We are much more efficient now.”- Tina Lannin, 121 Captions …

Landing page copy convincingly tells how the platform can improve your efficiency and organize your workflow. The page uses customer testimonials and provides accurate numbers. You can register by simply entering your email address or using your Google account.


 Save your time with these ready-made infographic templates.

The brevity and clarity of the landing page are excellent. The offer accurately describes what you will get in the end, and the feed with photos and videos allows you to see a preview of the templates. The welcome bar makes it easy to access the resource, and the phrase “join 75,000+ other companies” brings social proofs of Lead generation of landing pages.


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