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James Wan is an Australian screenwriter. Director, comic book writer, and producer. He was born in Kuching, Malaysia, on the 26th of February 1977. He is best for making horror movies, and more than half of his films are horror.

Early life and debut 2000 to 2006

James wan parents were pure chines. When he was 7 years, they moved to Perth. He entered the college in Canberra before moving back to Perth as an adult. He did his graduation from RIMT university with a BS of arts in media in 1998. In his student life, he met L Whannell.

James Wan Biography facts

Before making his debut in full-length movies, he made his first short-length featured film Stygian with S Young, in 2000, where he told the story of the couple, which entered a whole new world.

With Channel, he made the script of the saw, and they both made a short movie based on their script. This short movie decided the career of James. His teacher was so impressing with their performance that he decided to send this to Hollywood. James was unaware that they would call him, and he forgot about it. After seven months, they called James to work as a director.

In 2004 he produced the horror movie saw in which he worked as a director. The producers of the film trusted directors and allowed them to do things as they wanted. This movie brings considerable success. The film’s budget was 1miilion dollars, but it took the box office with over a 100million$.

In 2005 James Wan Biography the next part of the saw movie came to cinemas. The story was about manic jigsaw continues. In the film, the people are put in such a situation: they decide suicide or kill each other.

In 2006 the next part of the saw movie saw3 came out. He introduced some new elements and characters where he gets a partner, and the film was unpredicted that jigsaws die.

Setbacks 2007 to 2009

Following the success of the saw movie and his other parts, James directed the two films in 2007. First was Dead silence. Sadly this movie did not do well, and this was the first setback of his professional life. James also made a movie named Dead sentence that was a sequel to a death wish. The movie’s budget was about 20million dollars, but it just did a business of 17million dollars.

In 2007 James made another part of saw named saw4. He did some new things in it that fans could believe hardly.

On continuously working in his last three movies, he said that he wanted to chill out, but in 2008, he directed a survival video game trailer.

Comeback 2010 to 2013

After looking for some break from his job in 2010, he returned to his beloved general. In 2010 he made the first part of Insidious, which was also not successful. He also made another part of saw named saw 3D in 2010,

In 2013 he worked on two projects Conjuring in September, and he also making the second part two of Insidious, which was more driven than the part 1st, but people forgot about that and moved on.

Rising Success 2013 to 2018

Wan dipped his fingers into the world of action after the verdict of James Lin quitting direction. He had set himself to direct the 7th sequel of Fast And Furious. Partnering with Universal Pictures. After competing with three other short-listed directors for the same movie, Wan stood first in availing the golden opportunity in April 2013. To his success, Fast And Furious 7 was a commercial hit and $1.515 billion on the global market after its launch in April 2015.

His long-term deal with New Line Cinema was executing as he directed the critically acclaimed and successful movie Conjuring 2. The movie come into cinemas in June (2015). The former director also established his production house in Atomic Monster Productions, At New Lines Cinema which gave another blockbuster, Lights Out. Wan produced another movie under the horror genre, Demonic. The film was going to release in December (2014) supposedly. Unfortunately, due to silent commotions, it come in 2017 through VOD.

In the same year, Wan embarked on a spin-off of The Anabelle (2013) and The Conjuring (2013). Anabelle Creation, Anabelle Comes Home, and The Nun were under critical spoof but were equally loved by the audience.

In 2016 James Wan released his second horror film, Insidious: Chapter 3. The movie become a box office hit and success, grossing more than $160 million on a budget of $10 million. It also had a very high Rotten Tomatoes rating at 93%. In 2017 he released the blockbuster Anabelle Creation.

Wan directed the DC extended Universe Superhero film Aqua man (2018), which became a commercial success and is the highest-grossing film of his career in DCEU film along with the highest-grossing comic characters of DC. His work gets praise for its ability to make viewers feel unsettled while also getting scares out of them.

Recent And Upcoming Projects

He was set to make a sequel of Aqua man. James Wan Biography he said he reject it due to the rising pandemic. In 2019, he signed and directed ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer,’ a television adaption of the novel. As of March 2020, he had announced the remake of Frankenstein.


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