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Interior design apps for Android and IOS

Interior design apps for Android

  • 1. Design Home: House Renovation
  • 2. Houzz – interior design ideas
  • 3. Planner 5D – Home and interior planner
  • 4. Layout of the apartment and interior design for IKEA
  • 5. Homestyler Interior Design
  • 6. Swedish interior design 3D
  • 7. Interior design: stay here
  • 8. Palette Home
  • 9. House Design: Renovate for Rent
  • 10. Floor plan – Unique Home improvements in AR – Wodomo 3D

So, Are you dreaming of creating your interior for an apartment? These Interior design apps for Android are suitable for interior designers, architects, and those who like to independently plan interior solutions in an apartment or a country house. Often You can choose furniture, wall color, and a suitable bed on your smartphone by downloading the application. So, Find a service that will answer all your requests. 

According to the portal “Design Club,” a designer’s salary in Russia is about 50,000 rubles.

We offer the top 10 free Interior design apps for Android. So, where you can create a unique interior with your own hands. 

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Design Home: House Renovation

The service helps to find a new hobby. Often This relaxing game will show you how an interior decorator lives. So, Daily tasks designed to carry the user into the three-dimensional world of buildings. So, furniture, and decor items will help improve the skill. You can also apply knowledge in the real world to equip. Therefore, your apartment or house. The application provides an opportunity to communicate with creative people. Who are passionate about house renovation. 

Features of the app:

  • So, Working with items of famous brands;
  • New positions appear every day;
  • So, Acquaintance often with different styles in the design of the premises;
  • Raising the level opens up additional opportunities for dwelling design;
  • Daily design tasks develop the user’s creativity;
  • Get rewards for completed tasks.

Houzz – interior design ideas

This application is the leader among users who decorate a house or apartment. The service offers over 20 million ideas for various interior designs. Photos are presented in high resolution. So, Save your favorite pictures to albums and add your options. 

Features of the app:

  • Free mailing of articles on professional topics: interiors, practical advice from designers;
  • So, USA and world bases of designers and architects;
  • Ask a question to the author of the project under the photograph of his creation;
  • 2,000,000+ professional designers and architects in the app;
  • Also Find a free performer in the city. 

Planner 5D – Home and interior planner

Planner 5D will allow you to quickly create floor plans. So, interiors of apartments and summer cottages, landscape design. You do not need to be a professional to learn how to use the service. The interface is user-friendly, so it turns the process into an exciting game. Bring your wildest fantasies often to life with dozens of different pieces of furniture and decor. 

Features of Interior design apps for Android:

  • 3D and virtual walk mode available;
  • Also Ability to manage changes;
  • Create a room of any shape;
  • Choose a ready-made layout or design your own;
  • The user-friendly interface of the service;
  • A large number of furniture and interior and decor items are also available in the catalog;
  • Create a plan for changing the interior of an apartment or private house. 

The layout of the apartment and interior design for IKEA

The application allows you to fill an apartment or a private house. Thus, with furniture and design items from the IKEA catalog. So, You become a room designer using the service. Thousands of products are presented in the application. The positions are suitable for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and landscaping. The service will help you calculate. So, the cost of renovation for each room or apartment.  

Features of the app:

  • More than 5000 positions for rooms and apartments in any style;
  • Share projects with friends and acquaintances so that they can make recommendations;
  • A section with ready-made projects is available. From where you can get ideas for your ideas;
  • Real cases for the interior;
  • View your project in 3D;
  • Choose furniture using 3D product view;
  • Also Add rooms, furniture, decor items for an apartment or cottage. 

An ordinary user will feel like an interior designer. 

Homestyler Interior Design

The application will help people. Therefore who have started a renovation or renovation of interiors. This is an entirely free service for the selection of ideas for implementation. So, Create designs inspired by Pinterest or Instagram.

Features of the app:

  • Create a profile where you will post so, your ideas and get likes from subscribers;
  • Share projects with friends and family;
  • Renew your room: take a picture of the room and choose a template to follow;
  • Thousands of items also add to the project from popular networks: IKEA, often Target, and others;
  • Learn about the latest interior design trends from users inside the app;
  • Get inspired by ready-made projects of service users;
  • Discuss your projects with other users of the application;
  • Therefore Augmented reality technology will add a catalog item to a room to see what it will look like in real life;
  • Enter design contests weekly. 

Swedish interior design 3D

Swedish Interior Design 3D is an application that helps create the house’s layout. So, kitchen design, bedroom, and other interior design. Over 1000 pieces of furniture and decor items that vary in size, color, and texture.

Features of the app:

  • Often Create a virtual rearrangement or interior update with the app;
  • An extensive catalog of decor items and furniture is available within the service;
  • Add vibrant colors and textures;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • You can create layouts yourself or use ready-made options;
  • Rooms are available in different formats and sizes;
  • Switch to the 3D view of the project;
  • So, Share with relatives and friends the project of interior renovation in an apartment or private house. 

Interior design: stay here

Try yourself as a show creator on a design theme. The game is intended for lovers of aesthetic interiors in 3D format. Products are available from IKEA and Ashley stores. Collect ready-made interior solutions together with playable characters. 

Features of the app:

  • Create your room design projects inside the game;
  • So, Get inspired by photos and pictures from Instagram and Pinterest;
  • Choose the correct position for stylish home decoration;
  • Weekly tasks will not let the user get bored.

Palette Home

Palette Home is a simple application for creating a 3D layout of an apartment or house design. The application allows you to quickly add a new kitchen or living room project to bring it to life later.   

Features of the app:

  • Often High-quality graphics and drawing of positions in the application;
  • The user goes through all the stages of designing the interior of the room. From the area of ​​the premises to the installation of walls, doors, and windows;
  • Switch to the 3D model for complete immersion in the project;
  • It is convenient to add, move and delete objects on the plan.

House Design: Renovate for Rent

The player’s task is to repair old buildings, to give them a “second life.” Become an online interior designer with Interior design apps for Android. Rent out your finished home to make money.

Features of the app:

  • The user independently decides how the room will look;
  • Catalog positions are inspired by good stores: IKEA, Ashley;
  • Immerse yourself in the “personal life” of virtual clients;
  • Various 3D spaces in the game;
  • Also Improve your design skills and knowledge;
  • Continuous updating of assignments for users with new floor plans and site designs.

Floor plan – Home improvements in AR App – Wodomo 3D

The app introduces augmented reality functions. The user specifies where the anchor points are for the application to match the room’s dimensions and objects. So, you get a 3D plan of the room. Use AR to add and remove objects and follow the changes on the smartphone screen. Try unlimited options for free. The service allows you to create 2D plans for reformatting PDF files. 

Features of the app:

  • So, Creation of three-dimensional floor plans in the building;
  • Extensive catalog with various positions and textures;
  • Visualization of complex structures in the interior of the house;
  • Setting the wall thickness in the apartment;
  • Designing a plan for a living space with several rooms. 

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