How To Take Care Of A New-born Baby? Health Tips

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If you have come across this article, congratulations on becoming a parent! Though it is no news that your life has recently been blessed with a beautiful gift and filled with immense happiness, you find yourself struggling with the new changes that have embraced your life.

Parenthood is a big responsibility, we all know. Even though you are trying your best to take care of the child, are you constantly finding yourself worrying about the do’s and don’ts of new born care?

It is not unnatural. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), New-born deaths account for 47% of deaths among children under the age of five globally, resulting in 2.4 million lives lost each year. Some of these health issues arise since the time of birth. However, don’t get stressed. We’ve got you covered.

Health Tips For Your New Born

In case you were wondering how to take care of your new-born’s health, you have found the right place to know about the what to and the how to. Here are few helpful tips of new born care:


Studies say the first flow of breastmilk from a mother contains essential bacteria and enzymes that are very important for building the immunity of a child. It protects the baby against various infections and diseases like diarrhoea, diabetes and cancer, and helps the baby have a healthier weight as they grow.

Later, it should be done when the baby demands it. Try not to feed the baby every time it cries. Remember: hunger is not the only reason for their cry.

Crying, lip licking, clenching fingers, sucking, and bringing hands to mouth are some of the signs that show when they are hungry. Take a note of that.

Holding The Baby

According to Dr. Suresh Birajdar, the neck of a new born is extremely delicate as the muscles are not yet developed. It takes a few months to be stiffer. You will need to support its head whenever you pick him\her up. Be as gentle as possible or you might accidentally end up injuring it.

Holding it close to you also helps in bonding. And it is probably the best part of infant care.


Here comes the challenging part.

Try giving your babies a sponge bath for the first few weeks until the umbilical cord falls off and you see that the navel is healed completely.

Not every product that is aimed for babies is suitable for a new born. They are advertised like that for their own profit. So, what to do?

Read the product details carefully before buying anything. You must use a mild shampoo to avoid drying the baby’s scalp. The baby soap should be unscented as this ensures they are free from harsh chemicals.

Be gentle when you massage the scalp. Speak to the doctor regarding what to use and what to avoid. Keep in mind that the product should test negative for allergies.

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A very healthy and easy way of monitoring the skin of the new born is by massaging. It lets you find out if there are any dryness or rashes. 

But that’s not the only positive point. Gently massaging the new born helps stimulate blood flow throughout the body. It helps the infant sleep better, decreases dizziness as there is an increase in the blood circulation across the body and stimulates endorphins, lifting up the baby’s mood. 

Diaper Change

Not the best right, right? But it is inevitable. Do not be shocked at how many diapers the baby goes through every day. If you are a first-time parent, well yes, it is a lot. Be ready for rashes as babies up to 2 years old develop them from time to time.

If you feel the diapers are heavy, maybe you should try changing them. And don’t forget to store plenty of diapers ahead of time. Using diaper rash cream can help reduce friction on the skin.

Sleeping Habits

New-borns typically sleep for very small period, ranging from 2 to 3 hours a day. So, if you expect to sleep through the night, you might be disappointed. Be ready to wake up from time to time to feed the baby as new born have a very small digestive system. This makes them hungry frequently.

According to an article published by Kids Health, many new-borns tend to be more awake and alert at night, and sleepier during the day. Their nights and days are mixed up. You can solve this by keeping stimulation at night to a minimum. Try reserving talking and other activities with your baby for the daytime.

Know When To Seek Help

Parenting is a learning process and it’s easy for you to make mistakes. If you are having trouble going through the process, seek help. You might feel like you need a break even in your first month. That’s okay! Give yourself a break when you need it.

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Final Message

Just because you are a parent now does not mean you do not deserve breaks.Alison Mack Onochie, author of 100 Tips for a Happy Baby, says, “forget about housework for the first couple of months”. Don’t get detached from the world and keep some time for yourself.

It is only natural to get scared about your baby’s health. If you think something is wrong with the baby’s behaviour, do not hesitate to seek medical help.

Get tests done to find about the baby’s overall health, including the cholesterol level and allergies.

Consult a doctor if the baby has fever, watery stools, refuses to accept feeding, has chest discomfort, cough or cold and vomits every now and then. Early diagnosis will help treat the baby.


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