How to remove the belly of a woman after 40: tips and exercises

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No matter how hard we try, nature takes its toll. And we are not talking about ageing, we are talking about How to remove the belly. But the hormonal background, which over time is rebuilding and not for the better. Especially for women. Fat in ​​the so-called “male-type” abdominal area begins to prevail in the female body at about 35-45 years. If you do not take appropriate measures. And we will talk below about efforts to prevent obesity in the abdomen. means of dealing with excess body fat, and how to remove a woman’s belly after 40 years.

  • Tips: how to remove belly fat
  • A set of exercises
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Romanian cravings
  • Push-ups
  • Twisting
  • Raising the legs
  • Twisting “bike”
  • Cardio

Tips: how to remove belly in women’s

  • The most important thing is to establish hormonal levels. If you begin to notice the accumulation of fat deposits in the waist and lower abdomen without changing your usual diet and lifestyle. It is most likely hormones How to remove the belly. Check with a specialist, and if necessary, the doctor will prescribe measures that will relieve excess fat and health problems in general.
  • Despite the deterioration in the production of sex hormones or thyroid hormones, a lifestyle should be established, significantly affecting appearance, especially with hormonal imbalance. Therefore, it is essential to provide the body with suitable physical activity. We’ll talk about which ones later.
  • Establish a diet
  • An unbalance diet is one of the main reasons fat is quickly deposited on a specific body area.

A set of exercises

  1. First, a large amount of simple carbohydrates leads to the maintenance of high insulin levels in the blood, which provokes the rapid absorption of the same carbohydrates in the form of fat.
  2. Secondly, about every 2-3 hours, frequent snacks also maintain high insulin levels and create a surplus of calories that the body does not have time to spend, especially if a person leads a sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Thirdly, it is vital to understand which products. nd when it is more appropriate to take. Thus, complex carbohydrates are preferable to use before 4 pm, and proteins and fats are the rest of the time. Of course, in the morning and at lunchtime, proteins should also be present on the plate. But they should be consumed solo or with vegetables in the evening.
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A big mistake when fighting the abdomen is doing exercises only for the abdominal muscles. Not only is it not necessary to do a large number of ab exercises. But they are also less energy-intensive, like basic exercises for large muscle groups, such as squats. Fat is not burned locally, in our case, in the stomach. Therefore, it is essential to expend as much energy as possible through multi-joint and functional exercises.

Each exercise is performed 15-25 repetitions, depending on the selected load. The complex can perform without pause in a circle – 3-4 times. Or each exercise can be completed in sets, the rest between which is 1-1.5 minutes.


One of the basic exercises involves the muscles of the legs, the press, the buttocks, and then back simultaneously. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are doing an exercise with your weight, dumbbells. Or a barbell – the effect will be in any case. The main thing here is to provide sufficient load: add the number of repetitions when performing with your weight. If the pack is not enough, add free weight in the form of available equipment.


All kinds of lunges can help you – from squats on one leg to lunges in motion. The main thing is to choose a comfortable option. And keep the angle at the knee of the supporting leg no more than 90 degrees. Perform the same number of lunges on each leg: 10-20 reps will be enough depending on the physical fitness. And the weight of the shells if you need to use them.

 Romanian cravings

You can use a barbell, dumbbells, or rubber bands to perform a row. That develops the entire back of the body. The main task is to provide the optimal load with a maximum extension of the hamstring. It is essential to maintain a straight back throughout the approach. It can achieve with tension in the abdominal muscles. Thus, the press also works here, but statically.


The upper body must also receive a load, and push-ups will help in this and provide high energy costs. Do as many repetitions as possible. You can do push-ups both from the floor, from your knees, and on a hill.


Going directly to the press, we begin to contract the rectus. The abdominal muscle, namely, to a greater extent, it’s the upper part. This is the simple and safest option for the press, but no less effective. For twisting, it is enough to tear off only the shoulder blades from the floor. It will be best not to lift the entire spine until the muscles are used to the load.

Raising the legs

To work out the lower part of the press, lift two legs. Simultaneously or one at a time if the lower back comes off the floor when moving your legs up. It is essential to tighten your abdominal muscles and press your lumbar spine against the floor. To fix the spine, you can also put your hands under the buttocks.

Twisting “bike”

This exercise works all the abdominal muscles at the same time, including the external oblique abdominal muscles. When performing the movement, the elbows should aim towards the opposite knee. Twists can go diagonally, not side-to-side rolls. Keep your lower back straight on the floor.


Also, in addition to strength exercises for weight loss in the abdomen. How to remove the belly cardio training will not interfere. This can be running, walking, cardiovascular equipment, skipping rope, and other jumping exercises. The optimal duration of such a workout is 40-50 minutes. If you’re planning on doing full-fledged cardio, do your strength training on a different day. But you can also combine loads, only in this case, cardio will already last 15-20 minutes.


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