How to recover deleted files from Trash

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When we work on our computer and proceed to clean up by sending files or documents to the Trash, it is often unintentional. When we empty the Trash, we know that we have made a big mistake by not being careful with our documents.

Like everything on our computer, we can have total control of the process, although it may not seem that way in some situations. To know how to recover files deleted from the Windows 10/11/8/7/XP trash, we offer you this tutorial with alternative programs and solutions that your computer brings; you can choose the one you want and complete it to recover your files.

Can deleted files be recovered from Trash?

When we clean our computer or delete files, these usually go to the Trash. Very rarely are they permanently deleted from the computer. Also come recuperare file cancellati and the trash can is the last option to recover our documents, so if we lose this option, we must opt ​​for alternative solutions that can take more time depending on the solution we choose.

In conclusion, it is possible to save the deleted files as long as we follow one of the solutions we offer below.

How do you recover deleted files from recycle bin?

As for the solutions, generally, our computer offers us a previous recovery or restoration. If we do not prefer it that way or it does not work for us, we can opt for an alternative solution, that is, a data recovery program for PC.

For some, an alternative program can be a problem or something more complex since it requires downloading and installing. They prefer to recover deleted files from the recycle bin without programs, but this should not matter if the objective it fulfills is the indicated one. The priority should always be to recover our files without any damage and clearly in the fastest way.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Trash with File Retriever

As a first option, we recommend iTop Data Recovery. This program allows us to fully control the recovery process quickly, from selecting the type of file that we delete in the Trash to making a backup copy of it to avoid further damage.

Step 1. To start with this program, the first thing we must do is download it to our computer and install it.

Step 2. Open the program. Select the “Recycle Bin” location. Then click “Start.”

Step 3. Once the scan is over, you can browse and preview the file that has been deleted from the Trash.

Step 4. Then click “Recover” and choose a location to save the recovered files.

As a first option, it is the most suitable and recommended one to solve this problem due to all the possibilities it offers us. However, you can check if you want to recover deleted files from the recycle bin without any software.


Now deleted data possible to recover. So simply, with iTop data recovery, you can restore all your deleted files easily.


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