How to make your cover letter attractive?

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Writing an attractive and original cover letter can really make a difference and enhance your application. But this approach is a double-edged sword: a sloppy, spelling or impersonal letter can harm you.

To optimize the effectiveness of your application, you can use this sample cover letter. You can take inspiration from the structure, editorial tone and presentation of this template to write an impactful cover letter , which will make the recruiter want to contact you. But be careful: this example must be personalized!

Not sure who to send your cover letter to ? Discover our advice.

Why write a cover letter?

The cover letter must accompany your CV. If the latter has caught the attention of the recruiter, he will read your letter in order to confirm his first impression and thus determine whether he offers you an interview.

Your letter is therefore very important because it must complement your CV and not devalue the first good impression. It is therefore important to start your cover letter well.

Sample cover letter

First name Last name
Mobile or landline telephone
Email address

Name of person in charge of recruitment
Company name Company

City, current date

Subject: application for the position (specify the title of the position mentioned in the advertisement)


Currently looking for new professional opportunities, I propose to put my skills and my experience at the service of the company (specify the name of the company). Your advertisement for a position of (specify the job title) caught my attention. You are looking for a profile (specify the key skills of the position): I am in line with your needs.

Indeed, I have a training (specify the title of the training and/or the diplomas obtained). My professional experiences (specify one or two experiences related to the position to be filled) have allowed me to develop different skills (detail two to three concrete examples of missions directly related to the position to be filled). On the other hand I think that (mention one or two qualities related to the profile sought) are assets that will allow me to be quickly operational within your structure.

Wishing to take up new professional challenges, the prospect of integrating (company name) into the position of (specify the job title) arouses all my interest. (Specify one or two facts related to current events or the business sector of the company). I would be delighted to be able to detail my motivations and my interest in (company name) during an interview.

Looking forward to meeting you very soon in order to explain my candidacy to you in more detail, please accept, Madam, Sir, my sincere greetings.


Writing a cover letter: writing tips

Are you a unique candidate? Write a cover letter in your image! Do not forget that the recruiter has certainly already received many cover letters following the publication of his job offer. 

There is therefore no question of copying and pasting the model letter that we are proposing. Take the time to synthesize your experience and achievements to extract your main assets. Carefully re-read the recruiting officer’s ad and find out about the company or industry you are applying for. Also remember to wrap up your cover letter properly .


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