How to Help Senior Parents Get Support While Staying Independent

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Living independently can often become more of a struggle for people as they get older. Many seniors begin to require more assistance with everyday tasks, while some might also have additional medical and health care requirements that call for the assistance of a healthcare professional. If your parents are getting older and you have noticed that they have started to struggle more with everyday life and are requiring assistance more often, then there are several things to consider to help them remain as independent as possible while getting the support they need. 

Assisted Living

You may be interested in senior living in Los Angeles if you are in the process of finding somewhere more suitable for your parents to live that will provide them with the support that they need while allowing them to remain as independent as possible. As many people get older, their current home becomes too big and too much for them to manage, and assisted living can be an ideal alternative, with a smaller and more manageable home and support on site for them to access whenever needed. 

Mobility Tools

If decreasing mobility is one of the main reasons behind why your parents are less independent, then there are lots of tools that might help. Electric wheelchairs and scooters, for example, can be ideal for older people when it comes to getting around and ensuring that they are able to continue doing the things that they like to do, even if they are no longer able to drive due or struggle to walk for long periods of time. 

Home Adaptions

Some older people do not want to move home for a lot of understandable reasons. If this is the case with your parents, then you may want to consider the idea of having their current home adapted for their needs instead. There are several options for home adaption that can make life easier for seniors and allow them to live more independently, such as moving bedrooms and bathrooms to the ground floor, widening doorways to allow wheelchairs to fit through easily, or installing a stair lift to help those who would struggle to climb the stairs. 

Home Care

Another option to consider if your parents are not interested in moving out of their current home is a home caregiver. This allows them to continue living in the place that they know and love, while getting the support that they need. Home caregivers will usually visit on a set schedule and can help with a wide range of different tasks including everyday tasks like cleaning and cooking, helping with medication and personal care, providing transportation and much more. It can be an ideal alternative to moving into a care facility for seniors who need some additional support but are not ready to start a new chapter in their life in a new place. 

It’s only natural that you want your senior parents to get as much support as possible, but it’s also important to ensure that you are promoting their independence too. 

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