How to create a Cosmetic Glitter Powder eye makeup with two personalized glitters?

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The glittering eye makeup is back with a vengeance. The glitter powder is the most beautiful mark of the season. Here are the steps to create two glittering eye makeups, Shining! By galglitter to share more details. New colors, new shapes, and a more flexible interpretation of eye makeup. The colorful Glitter Powder fully fits the makeup and creates a versatile eye makeup. Fluorescent Glitter Powder ignites spring and summer eye makeup in both color and texture. The deepmetallic shine of Glitter Powder just accentuates the stunning look of smoky makeup. Glitter Powder is a refreshing and edgy eye makeup in fluorescent colors.

Step 1: In order to better highlight the Glitter Powder on the eyes, the base makeup shouldbelight and natural. Outline a fresh, neat, and uncluttered eyebrow shape.

Step 2: Using a waterproof eyeliner, draw upper and lower eyeliner close to the base of theeyelashes, filling in the gaps between the lashes and the inner and outer corners of the eyes toincrease the contour of the eyes.

Step 3: Use the soft end of the eyeliner pencil to smudge slightly at the end of the eye to createasoft, slightly uplifted effect at the edges.

Step 4: Using an eyeshadow brush, apply a light coat of clear glitter primer close to the base of

the lower lashes. The primer makes the glitter and Glitter Powder stay put and last longer.

Step 5: Dip a small brush into Glitter Powder and apply a thin layer on top of the primer. Theglitter eye makeup is done.

The color demonstrated by the model is green. You can try other popular summer highlight colors; just be careful to keep a fresh base makeup, more accentuating the trendy feeling of glitter eyemakeup.

Earthy shimmering smoky eye makeup

In line with the breathable theme of summer, this smoky makeup should also be fresh and noble. Brush on glitter Glitter Powder eyeshadow to not go stage style and flaunt your personality. Step 1: Create a clear eyebrow shape. The eyebrows should be neat and tidy in order to reflect the dynamic eyes.

Step 2: Create a smoky look. Choose an eyeshadow color that matches your skin tone, in this case, a dark bronze. Use an eyeshadow brush to apply a slightly larger half-circle on the upper eyelidand then along the bottom of the lower lashes

.Step 3: Brush a layer of clear primer on each eyeaway from and under the lower lid to allow Glitter Powder to adhere better to the eye whilebeing less likely to come off and smudge.

Step 4: Choose a Glitter Powder that matches the eyeshadow, in this case, a dark brown, andbrush it on the top of the eye socket, the outer corner of the eye, and the lower eyelid.

Step 5: Finally, use an eyeliner pencil to lightly trace the eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes. The effect should not be too thick. It is good to highlight the eyes and brush a layer of blackmascara on the eyelashes.

Wheat muscle with earth tone eye makeup, highlighting the sexy andstyle, shiny brown eye makeup unique noble texture, the strong side is gently subdued. Alsogalglitter Wholesale‘s nail polish powder is perfect for this scenario.


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