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Competition is strong in the field of graphic design and the web. How to make the right choice among all the professionals? Exercising this job allows me to know its specificities, and my experience gives me the necessary distance to approach the question while trying to be objective. Here are my some tips for choosing your graphic designer!

versatile graphic designer or specialist in a specific field?

The term graphic designer is very generic, so it encompasses many different professions. like graphic designers, web designers, 3D graphic designers, model makers, illustrators, UX designers, typographers, etc.

Some are specialized in a particular field and others, like me, are more versatile. And offer a global treatment of communication (visual identity, website, communication media, advice, etc.). Depending on your project, it will be more or less relevant to contact one or the other. However, if it is a business creation or a redesign of visual identity. It seems to me more judicious to call on a versatile service provider. By working on the different aspects of your communication. He will be able to bring coherence and unity that will make the difference against your competitors.

Think about graphic designers in your area, bet on the local professional network

Even if it is quite possible for a graphic designer to work remotely for a company far from his place of work. The fact remains that choosing a local service provider will facilitate exchanges. If he is in your department or region. You can easily meet to discuss your web design project in person.

In addition, it is fashionable to support local businesses. Soliciting people who are geographically close. Whom you are likely to meet again, allows you to build a solid professional (and sometimes even friendly) network.

Portfolio / Achievements

  Get an idea by visiting the portfolio of his site or on his social networks (Instagram, Facebook… also can ask for video editing samples). If you are sensitive to his work/style, chances are he will meet your expectations!

If you don’t find a project similar to yours in his portfolio. That doesn’t mean he won’t be able to help you. So it’s just that he hasn’t had the opportunity to work on this type of mission yet.

 Who knows, your project may be about a subject that he particularly likes and on which he dreams of working! And a graphic designer passionate about a subject, it is necessarily a graphic designer who will be very inspired…

The career of the graphic designer, his experience

If the studies or the diplomas do not mean also much in terms of graphic design. (many graphic designers are self-taught and have not necessarily followed the school curriculum, which is going well). The course of the graphic designer can be interesting to take into consideration. What led him to do web design job? What did he do before that? Take an interest in the presentation. He makes of himself (often on his website or his social networks). This will allow you to understand his profile a little more to know if he can stick to your project.


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