Daily facial skincare tips how to care you skin

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In daily facial skincare tips, consistency is important: so that each stage complements the previous one and has a complex effect on tissues. Therefore, today we will discuss with an expert of the Biotherm brand which products form the basis of facial care. 

What is include in essential daily facial skincare tips?

Primary care should include an optimal set of products that complement each other without overloading the skin. As a rule, these are four steps:

1. Purification

2. Deep nutrition

3. Moisturizing

4. Protection.

These products differ in texture, and it is essential to apply them in this sequence: from liquid to denser. Then the products will reach the deep layers of tissue and work as efficiently as possible on the skin.

Now let’s have a closer look at what is include in essential facial skincare:

  • Cleansers (including toner required for complete make-up removal and skin toning)
  • Serum (for an intensive effect on the deeper layers of tissues)
  • Face cream
  • Eye contour cream (this area requires special care, be sure to pay attention to it)
  • Protective products with an SPF of at least 15 for winter and 30 for summer. Because photoaging is a destructive process that occurs under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. And we are expose to it even in the city.

This is a universal scheme that will improve the skin’s natural functions, protect it, and help it regenerate at all stages. 

But here, several questions arise: what is the difference between products for different skin types? What to look for in the compositions and which texture to choose? Let’s figure it out.

Oily skincare

This type allows cleansing with water and light gel textures so as not to overload the skin. When you try this, be sure to use a moisturizer because, oddly enough. Oily skin is often dehydrated and secretes even more sebum *. Therefore, it is essential to maintain balance and use moisturizers, but in a light texture. The composition of products for this type of skin usually contains matting and moisturizing ingredients. If there is a high need to matte the T-zone, choose matting masks. For example, AQUA PURE from Biotherm with salicylic acid and Life Plankton component restores the skin’s hydro-lipid balance. As additional care, we recommend using peels and scrubs regularly. 

Primary care for dry skin

On the other extreme, alcohol-free cleansers and more nourishing textures are essential for dry daily facial skincare tips. But with peels and scrubs, be careful and use them only occasionally. They can unnecessarily injure the tissues.

In products for dry skin, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients are often found. For example, oils that protect against intense moisture loss. It is recommends to use nourishing masks and concentrates. For example, the mask and concentrate of the AQUA BOUNCE line with glycerin. Life Plankton water and a vitamin complex.

Primary care for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin tends to react negatively and sharply to various influences – from cold and stress to changes in skincare. At the same time, hypersensitivity occurs in both dry and oily types. It manifests itself in redness, peeling, irritation. The main factors causing this reaction:

  • Aggressive environmental influences: temperature changes (in particular, cold), dry air, dust, etc.
  • Abrupt change of care products
  • Individual components in care or decorative cosmetics
  • Aggressive beauty treatments
  • Physical impact: For example, if the collar of a jacket or long hair is constantly rubbing against the face.

Primary care for sensitive skin needs to selecte especially carefully. Pay attention to the composition. Perhaps you have individual intolerance to specific components. And also, the products should contain soothing elements that restore the balance of the skin (for example, ceramides, panthenol, Asian Centella, and others). At the same time, be extremely careful with scrubs and other traumatic products because sensitive skin needs soothing and no additional influence.

Treatment for normal skin

This type is less whimsical than the previous ones. Normal skin is quite balance, and all textures will suit it. In this condition, it is necessary to pre-test the funds on a safe skin area because the individual reaction is unpredictable. In any case, the basis of primary care for normal skin is hydration. For example, we advise you to try BIOTHERM AQUASOURCE cream – the brand’s best-selling moisturizer.

Anti-aging care

For most women living in a metropolitan area, the best example of primary anti-aging care would be:

  • cleansing gel and toner BIOTHERM Biosource
  • serum and cream BIOTHERM Blue Therapy Accelerated
  • cream for the skin around the eyes BIOTHERM Blue Therapy.

The serum penetrates in the deeper layers of the daily facial skincare tips, while the cream works in the epidermis, protecting and smoothing it. The products of this line stimulate the restoration of the skin from the inside, prevent inflammation from aggressive external factors, and accelerate the aging process. The products contain Algae of Youth ™, which accelerates the self-healing of the skin by 42%. At the same time, the golden kelp macroalgae prevent the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation, and loss of firmness in women over 35 years old.

universal products necessary

In addition, there are universal products necessary for all skin types, such as moisturizing masks and concentrates. They provide more profound and more reliable penetration of nutrients into tissues. Pay special attention to products with a high content of hyaluronic acid – a unique component for moisturizing and retaining moisture in cells. In the situation of a modern metropolis, the daily facial skincare tips needs water most of all.

Be attentive to your skin, and remember that grooming is not only about cosmetics—nutrition, lifestyle, stress levels, and more play a significant role in skin health. Therefore, take care of yourself in all aspects and choose quality care!


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