How to Buy Music Copyright for YouTube Channel

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Here I will tell you in detail: how to work with music if you are the author of a YouTube channel

How do I pay for music?

Step 1. Go to the creative studio, find the video in the “Video” section, click on the copyright complaint – “more”. See who exactly the Copyright Claim came from, what it affects, and most importantly – who is listed in the column “copyright holders”.

Step 2. Choose any of the indicated copyright holders, find their site, look for the “contact us” section there, and something like “license request” in this case is “license requests”.

If not, search for e-mail for all inquiries.

Step 3. Write them a letter by e-mail, expanding indicating:

  • You want to buy a license to use their music
  • The name of your YouTube channel, how many subscribers and views you have on the video
  • What kind of compositions are you interested in
  • What kind of content are you going to shoot and how to use these compositions

Step 4. If it suits them, they respond and send a price tag. It can be 100, 200 or 500 euros/dollars (or whatever they like)

Or they may refuse.

Step 5. Exchange your data. You are also waiting for the license agreement to be sent to you, and read it carefully. So you pay for a license and receive a document confirming that you now have the right to use these works in the agreed manner.

Step 6. Did you think that everything is ok now? Yeah, no. Other licensors who have uploaded these tracks to Content ID are not aware that you have purchased a license.

Therefore, with further “copyright marks” you will need to challenge them.

Go to the new complaint, click “choose action” – “dispute”. Often an objection window will open. Press all the checkboxes, and on the second window select “license”.

Then follow the instructions. In the column “justify your actions” write that you have a license and attach it.

The copyright Claim will be withdrawn as soon as your application has been reviewed.

What if I don’t have that much money to buy music licenses?

1. Use the YouTube music library

There is a list of royalty-free music at the creative studio. “Music Library” tab on the left.

You can download any song from there and also use it in your videos without any copyright issues.

2. Search for “royalty free” music

Add “No Copyright” or “royalty-free” to your youtube search query.

You will be given mostly royalty-free songs, you can also find cover versions of popular songs.

But be careful, read the description. Some authors ask for links to their music or use it according to their terms.

Wait for the automatic copyright check before publishing your video to make sure everything is fine.

3. Use paid services that sell music licenses

There are many different services that offer to buy a license for a huge number of tracks at once and use them in unlimited quantities on their YouTube channels by subscription.

For example Epidemicsound or any others. You pay a certain price monthly, and you can use any music from the service’s huge library as long as you pay for a subscription.

If you stop paying, that’s okay. You will be sent the usual copyright label for all the music, which will simply take all the income in favor of the copyright holders. At the same time, your videos will not be blocked for display.

You can renew your subscription again at any time, in which case all restrictions will be lifted.

Remember that all the music that you can find on the Internet has its copyright holder. So Who can dispose of his copyrights as he pleases. The copyright holder can take income from the video (in part or in full) or block your video from being shown (in some or all countries).

Even if there are no complaints about your videos at the moment, they may appear in the future.

Licensors connected to the Content ID system have tremendous opportunities. They can even send you a copyright label manually.

What if you receive a “Copyright Claim”?

You have a choice:

1. Do nothing and agree with the restrictions that have been put forward for you

All restrictions will remain in effect, the copyright holder will take all or part of the income, or limit the video at its discretion.

2. Cut a video fragment, replace or delete a track.

YouTube has a special feature, track deletion. The replacement does not always work, but if you completely cut out a fragment or delete a track, then after a while the clip will disappear.

3. Delete video.

This is your channel, you can do whatever you want: delete the video and even remake it and upload it again. So cut the soundtrack or mute the music – whatever.

Thanks for reading!

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