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In 2015 the entertainment and sports world lost one of the most renowned legends who died far too young. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper died of a heart attack when he was 61. Roddy Piper was born Roderick George Toombs of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1954. Piper had a successful career actor whose “Piper’s Pit” interviews became as well-known as his antics inside and outside the wrestling rings. Piper was able to turn his profession into various fields of entertainment, like acting.

AEW Tnt Championship Belt

He appeared in various roles on screen and voiceovers for animated films. But Roddy is perhaps most well-known for his performance as John Nada in They Live. The John Carpenter science fiction classic, has gained an enormous fan base. Never one to stay with one persona all day for a long time, Roddy was initially on the offensive side and then often transformed to being a hero or a kind of good guy. Roddy also played the comedy role until 2014 and earned good popularity as a host for podcasts.

Roddy was of Scottish origin and was very proud of it, as evidenced by his attire at the Ring. While he mastered the ability to play the Bagpipes at a young time, Piper says he cannot recall how it came about. Roddy remembers the way the idea for that name within the world of wrestling. Roddy was in the Ring wearing a kilt at the beginning of his career. He was playing aew championship belt.

Jorge González (wrestler)

The announcer could not recall the name he used to identify the wrestler as the winner as “Roddy Piper.” Piper” name stuck. Piper’s tale was always fraught with controversy, which began after being kicked out of Junior High School. Piper was later exiled from the home after many disputes with his father in his teens. His father was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and was always concerned about the image of his family.

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An athlete with natural talent who always worked out, Piper managed to find jobs at various gyms, which allowed him to earn funds to stay in Hostels. Roddy had a keen competitive streak and began his career as an amateur boxer and wrestler. He was later awarded the highly desired Golden Gloves Championship. He received the Black Belt in Judo from an American professional wrestler, a judo expert, and world champ Gene Lebel. When Piper was just 15 years old young, he was able to jump in into professional wrestling and was a part of the American Wrestling Association.


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