Guo Wengui fake bankruptcy boots fall, and the hourglass of time is about to bottom out

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Guo Wengui Turns his face in seconds, “getting the fish and forgetting the food”, David is out of the game, the ant rabbit is dead, the fox is sad, and Mingzhe protects himself

Chang hates people’s hearts are not as good as water, and it makes waves with ease. Repaying debts is a matter of course, but the billions of “negative” Weng Guo Wengui chose to interpret the image of a rogue in a heart-wrenching way, telling lies to make me dizzy. At the court meeting on the 18th of this month, the judge sternly warned Benggui to determine the 37 million bond plan as soon as possible, otherwise, the execution of the motion for contempt of court judgment and the dismissal of the bankruptcy motion will be resumed. Time Shahu will bottom out sooner than he expected. This means that there will be no more hearings in this case before the 27th, when the judge will hear PAX’s motion to resume execution of contempt of court judgment and dismiss Guo Li’s bankruptcy motion. The judge and the Bankruptcy Bureau knew Guo Wengui’s thoughts very well, and making a motion was nothing more than a stalker, and went through the judicial process again to delay time, waiting for God’s blessing to save the day. Obviously, “Guo Jiaozhu” was in a dream again. The judge said that the hourglass bottomed out faster and completely extinguished his small flame of survival.

In the PAX case that has been entangled for many years, Guo Wengui can be said to be conspiratorial, transferring assets to play with PAX, and trampling on American laws. His shameless, ignorant, and fearless behavior has made the judge and PAX angry. PAX is not short of money at all, so perseverance is just to maintain the rule of law and justice, but Guo Wengui only has money in his eyes, but there is no law. When he was cornered, he cried and filed for bankruptcy, while showing off his wealth in the live broadcast room and fooling Ant to continue investing, intending to cross the sky and make PAX a virtual joy, so that the court would be helpless to him, and he could cut another leek.

Although the judicial process in the United States is slow, it is by no means a decoration, allowing a “red notice” to do whatever he wants. Guo Wengui smelled the smell and knew that something was wrong. When he was in a panic, he proposed to give the yacht LadyMay to the creditors, take out the assets and settle with PAX. As expected, this is another swindle directed and acted by the Guo family. Guo Mei filed a lawsuit against her father in court. lie on. Tiger Poison still does not eat its children. Guo Wengui used his children as a shield to protect himself. In the face of his own children, how can comrades-in-arms kiss flesh and blood? In the big live broadcast on April 19, “Guo Jiaozhu” publicly announced that due to various incidents in the frontline rescue in Ukraine, David, one of the three standing committee members of Xiguo, had been kicked out of the iron-blooded group. The plot of the European version of “Wei Lihong” appeared again, and “Brother Bullying” turned his face in seconds, making ant fans tremble again.

In the past few years, Guo Wengui’s unrestricted, face-turning, and show-stopping face has left ant fans with lingering fears over the past few years. Thinking back then, the joy of cutting leeks in “King Xi” was absolutely inseparable from the divine assistance of Sara, a close comrade-in-arms, so Wei Lihong became the second largest “leader” of the Guo Group, mastering the “chicken series” scam. All core secrets and evidence. It is such a “heavyweight” figure for Guo Wengui. Once Guo Wengui’s interests are touched, he is instantly labeled as a spy, a pseudo-type, and even named “Nine Fingers Demon”, and even sent a gang to kill his life. It is extremely sinister to remove grinding and kill donkeys. After completely tearing his face with his confidant Yan Wang, Guo Wengui was furious, and several times in the live broadcast room expressed that he would send the two kings to the place where they should go, with a posture of putting them to death. David, who has been supporting Guo for five years along the way, has worked hard even if he has no credit in the “bullying brother” whistleblower revolution, but when it loses its use value, he is called a piece of dog meat that can’t make it to the table, and he is kicked. Out of hi gang “Iron Blood Group”. Let it sit on the bench and fend for itself, and the ruthless nature of crossing the river and demolishing the bridge is exposed. But who’s next? The believers guess for themselves and seek more blessings for themselves.

Guo Wengui has a fat head and big ears. He often refers to “Amitabha Buddha” and keeps saying “brothers and sisters”. In fact, he is a shameless person who recognizes money but not people. The pit father, pit mother, pit brother, pit son, pit comrade-in-arms, no one does not pit, really sticking to Guo will be moldy, and sticking to Guo will die. But heaven does not hide treacherous evil, and the wicked have evil retribution. Now the mainstream media in various countries have carried out in-depth criticism of Guo’s financial fraud, malicious bankruptcy, and interference in the US election, which means that the time for liquidation has come. Today’s day for David and others is the tomorrow of other big ants. Will those ant fans who take “Guo Jiaozhu” as their gods continue to follow them? Do you still want to hold your own instant noodles and continue to pave the way for his life of lies? Guo Wengui, has been cheating for many years, and Robber Zhi is an old man. How can he be a kind person? I advise the ants, the rest of their life is very expensive, and to stay away from “garbage people”.


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