Get Your Doctor’s Appointment Registered on These Top 5 Apps

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In the present era, a smartphone is much more than just a device to connect to people through a call or text. Today, a smartphone can do everything for you, right from shopping, booking movie tickets, trading in shares, initializing banking activities to reading a book, searching for a job, or even consulting a doctor online. To improve their services, doctors use various apps to provide an online doctor consultation to them anytime, anywhere. 

With the current Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, telemedicine is a big boon for patients and doctors. Going to a hospital amidst these challenging times causes stress and anxiety. Under such circumstances, consulting doctors online and taking advice for your ailments from the comfort of your home is the best solution to avoid unnecessary risks. 

A telemedicine app can help you do the needful. You can get all the required assistance for this, with just a few clicks on your smartphone. 

Top 5 Apps for Doctor Consultation in India

The top 5 apps for doctor consultation in India are:


One of the popular apps for booking a doctor’s appointment and availing of other related telemedicine services is Practo. Their services include:

  • A comprehensive medical directory.
  • Providing consultations online.
  • Booking of doctor appointments online.
  • Getting connected with a doctor instantly, in case of any emergency, or even otherwise.
  • Providing subscription-based health plans. 
  • Providing a digital prescription and a free follow-up. 

This app provides various articles on health and nutrition that enable subscribers and patients to learn about multiple ways to stay healthy and prevent diseases.  

Finserv Health – Doctor Near Me

The Bajaj Finserv Health medical app provides all medical services under one roof. It serves as a one-stop solution for your health requirements. Its features include:

  • Facilitating a doctor’s appointment with over 20+ specialists.
  • Providing affordable Arogyacare health insurance and healthcare plans.
  • Facilities to book lab tests for home collection.
  • Medicines are available online.
  • Providing health checkups in over 400 cities across India.
  • Vaccination slots powered by Cowin.
  • Digital reports and prescriptions are available online on the app.
  • Virtual nurses are available round the clock on the app.

Subscribers can refer to multiple blogs and articles on healthcare and lifestyle for better understanding and gaining knowledge on various diseases and their remedies through this app. 


This app forms part of an interactive community of doctors and specialists where discussions take place to diagnose diseases accurately. Doctors discuss real-time patients and read journals, news, and the latest medical guidelines on this app. Its salient features include:

  • Various profiles of medical professionals are available on this app for patients to find them easily.
  • Assists patients to book online.
  • Helps to procure medical devices and loans.
  • Allows recommendations from other doctors for specific cases.
  • Permits booking online appointments with doctors.

This app’s network has over 3,50,000 doctors actively involved in discussing the cases of over 12,000 real-time patients per month. 

Tata Health

Another very reputed telemedicine app with a large network across India, and gaining popularity amongst netizens in no time, is Tata Health. Its features include:

  • Online consultation with doctors.
  • Easy booking of appointments with specialists from various medical fields.
  • Lab tests and sample collection from home.
  • Special packages and discounts on lab tests and medicine purchases.
  • Free delivery of medicines.
  • Articles and journals on tips to remain healthy and fit.
  • Round-the-clock access to doctors.

This app has a ‘Health Locker’ that permits patients to store their health and medical records online. 

Doctor 24×7

This online app focuses on providing online consultations with doctors from various specializations. It provides diagnosis, along with a non-chargeable follow-up, within three days from the date of consultation. Its features include:

  • Easy online doctor consultation across India.
  • 24×7 support from doctors.
  • Over 5 lakh patients have already been treated via this app.
  • The first consultation on the app stands free, following which the patient has to download their application and register on it. 
  • The consultation fee varies depending upon the time and hour of the appointment.

Final Take

Getting a doctor’s appointment is not a Herculean task anymore. It is thanks to online apps and portals like Finserv Health that provide a comprehensive health check-up plan and consultations with the best doctors, specializing in different fields of medical knowledge and expertise. You can log on to the Bajaj Finserv Health app and get instant answers to all your queries.


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