12 Best Free Email Template Builders to Improve Your Email Marketing

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The Free Email Template Builders tool affects the deliverability, cost, and overall effectiveness of email marketing. So, They chose an unreliable service that failed at the most crucial moment – they thwarted a critical campaign. In addition, it is better to select a program based on the needs of the project – the number of mailings, the volume of the subscription base, the budget, and the functionality you need. So, The most exciting mailers, in our opinion and highlighted the key features of each of them.

Free Email Template Builders


Marketing smarts for big ideas | Mailchimp

The Service is positioned as a single marketing platform for small businesses. In addition to email marketing tools, MailChimp has a website builder, functionality for running ads and posting to Facebook and Instagram.


  • 250+ integrations (Google Analytics, Facebook, WordPress, Tilda, etc.);
  • mobile app;
  • DKIM in the free version;
  • So this is ready-made templates for mailings;
  • creation of an individual design using artificial intelligence.


Unisender – Free Email Template Builders

The Unisender is a convenient email newsletter service. So, Create beautiful emails in minutes. Look 

 Service for email newsletters with an intuitive interface. In addition to email, it allows you to work with SMS and mailings in Viber and collect a database through subscription forms and integrations with social networks, websites, and chatbots.


  • 40+ integrations (Bitrix24, Advantshop, Planfix, amoCRM, Tilda, Facebook, Zapier);
  • So, many ready-made responsive templates;
  • DKIM in a free plan;
  • Often database segmentation and mailing list personalization;
  • built-in functionality for A / B tests.


Mailing Service: email, SMS, SMTP, push, chatbots

Automate marketing and combine also marketing channels on one platform: email, web push 

Therefore, The tool is positioned as a platform for email Template Builders and messenger marketing. So, Allows you to collect all individual communication channels with clients – email, social networks, SMS, instant messengers. You can also configure browser push notifications.


  • functionality for creating chatbots;
  • Often automated trigger scripts for mailings. So, including emails, SMS, and push notifications;
  • functionality for A / B testing;
  • interactive AMP emails;
  • database segmentation and mailing list personalization.


Mailing Service. So, Comprehensive email marketing from

Also Extensive email marketing and reliable tools for marketers and business owners …

The multifunctional platform focused on educational projects, info-business, and B2B. In addition to direct mailings, it has functionality for creating landing pages, conducting webinars and surveys.


  • built-in CRM;
  • functionality for launching ads on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Also the ability to create auto funnels using ready-made templates;
  • analytics of mailings;
  • automatic segmentation and tagging of the database.

Launching advertising directly from the mailing service. So, social networks help provide customers with complex services (PPC, email marketing, lead generation). And you can increase your income from services for contextual and targeted advertising by connecting to the Click.ru affiliate program. So, whose members receive up to 18% of client advertising budgets.


Sunday – Service for Email, Push, Viber and SMS-mailings

Professional platform for email and SMS marketing Sunday. Also Automatic distribution of electronic

A comprehensive marketing solution for automating communications with customers In addition to email newsletters, you can work with push notifications, SMS, social networks, and Viber.


  • inserting HTML-code in the constructor of letters;
  • functionality for A / B testing;
  • marketing statistics, including a click map;
  • DKIM on request to technical support;
  • the ability to create a trigger and transactional scripts.


An English language platform for online marketing management. Therefore, Allows you to communicate with users by email, SMS, and via chat on the site.


  • built-in CRM;
  • database segmentation and automation of mailings;
  • many responsive letter templates. So, you can make an individual design by pasting HTML code;
  • mobile app;
  • statistics of mailings with a heat map.

Mail 365

Mail365 – email marketing and email marketing

👍 Service also for an email newsletter. So, there is a free version. Block editor, import, templates. Low prices.

This email newsletter service is a Microsoft Certified Partner. Unlike many of the tools in our review, Mail 365’s functionality is centered around email newsletters.


  • on a free plan, you can send mailing only to contacts collected using Mail 365 forms.
  • So, smart filters to check the name, surname, and gender of the subscriber;
  • Often integration with popular CMS;
  • analytics of mailings;
  • the ability to create automated mailing chains.


eSputnik.com – Marketing Automation Software for.

Multichannel Marketing Automation System for B2C. So, Solutions for large eCommerce and Marketplace.

A multi-channel marketing automation system. So, B2C allows you to organize mailings by email, SMS, Viber. Supports browser and mobile push notifications. The developers also promise to add functionality for communicating with customers via Telegram and WhatsApp.


  • statistics allow you to analyze manual and triggered mailings separately. As well as quickly determine that a Free Email Templat has ended up in spam;
  • you can assess the growth dynamics of the subscription base;
  • there are so many conditions for segmenting the customer base;
  • there are ready-made solutions also for online stores (processing abandoned carts, product recommendations, integration with the order database, etc.);
  • So, Integration with almost any Often services and tools via API is possible (programmer’s help is required).


CRM systems for managing the sales department …

So, Online CRM systems for sales, the best program for accounting work in sales Template Builders. Manage your Delivery platform also with guaranteed deliverability and technical support. They are marketed as an easy way to start email marketing.


  • functionality for also conducting surveys with ready-made templates;
  • SMS messaging based on leads;
  • automated letter chains;
  • ready-made responsive email templates with dynamic content;

Retail rocket

Retail Rocket – Retention Management Platform

A set of business solutions for personalizing marketing. So, Template Builders build cross-channel communications. And an Email marketing platform also focused on eCommerce and customer retention. It is possible to set up browser push notifications and SMS notifications. So, to increase the number of communication channels with clients.


  • segmentation based on an intelligent mathematical model;
  • product recommendations;
  • combining customer data from online and offline;
  • segmentation by behavior on the site. So, in the application, mailings, and according to data from CRM;
  • omnichannel also automated mailing scripts using email, push, and SMS.


Email Marketing Services – Benchmark Email Free Email Template Builders

Build beautiful, responsive emails also with Benchmark’s email marketing platform to engage 

An English-language email marketing platform with a straightforward interface. So, Developers emphasize that their product saves time launching and running email campaigns.


  • Template Builders functional free tariff;
  • the possibility of A / B testing of different elements of letters;
  • integration with Google Analytics;
  • many templates and built-in photo editor;
  • ready-made automation scripts.

Campaign Monitor

Email Marketing | Email Software | Campaign 

It is positioned as a tool for online marketing and automation. So, Free Email Templat Like Mail 365, it focuses on email newsletters. There are no opportunities to interact with users through other channels.


  • it is possible to create a customer journey map;
  • automation templates for different niches;
  • hundreds of fully customizable modern templates;
  • integration with the website via API;
  • analytics of mailings.
  • So, these are Free Email Template Builders

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