Don’t get emotional, What a stock market investor should avoid

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Often in life we ​​succumb to emotions and follow their lead. Sometimes this leads to sad consequences. If we acted judiciously and with a cool head, everything would be different. Also in the stock market. Psychology plays an important role here. With the frequency of portfolio replenishment and the investment period, everything seems to be clear. 

What about psychology? Many do not pay attention to this aspect, and when they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation or fleetingly succumb to emotions, things may not go as planned by the investor.


On the stock exchange, you should not compete with anyone, think that someone’s portfolio has given a greater increase, and therefore I will do my best to overtake it. You will not even notice how you gradually turn into a trader, and long-term investment plans will fade into the background. There are even contests on exchanges that give away good sums, encouraging you to show the best portfolio growth over a certain period. 

The broker will receive commissions, and if you are not among the winners, you will be left with an empty portfolio. So-so perspective. The long-term investor should have no competitive streak at all. The quieter you go, the further you’ll get. Replenish steadily and check your portfolio once a quarter. And you will be happy.

Mountains of Gold 

 I need everything here and now, I’m not ready to wait. How many times have I heard these phrases from friends, they are not ready to endure. The desire to double or even triple their capital in a year is their main task. People do not want to wait 10, 20, 30 years for their capital, which, believe me, will surely grow over such a period. 

Therefore, when such people come to the exchange, they necessarily become traders, follow the charts, candles, sidewalls and spend 12 hours at the monitor every day. Before that, some will definitely buy courses from some “investor guru” who promises them mountains of gold. It doesn’t appeal to me. 

I especially know the statistics of trading and understand that there is nothing for me to do there. Patience is what you must develop when investing in the long term. And decades later, financial instruments will reward you for this.

Loved / unloved

that this is a gold mine and this business will flourish. And the entire stock market of the Russian Federation is now undervalued, manage to buy shares for next to nothing. Approach stock purchases with a cool head and put emotions into the background.

When entering a brokerage application, I always turn off the emotional components. For me, numbers are more important, they will tell the investor a lot and show the full picture of the market. 

If you have a gambler in you, look for alternatives on how to pacify him, for example, I buy cryptocurrency in small proportions, but the gambler is happy and thinks he is lucky. Many people need a session with a psychologist, it really helps to discard all unnecessary and find a purpose in life. Invest wisely and you will be happy.

Attention! Everything that is written in the blog is not an investment recommendation, advice, idea or proposal for buying or selling securities, digital currencies, assets, and other financial instruments.

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