Diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women

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Some women gain weight evenly, maintaining proportions. For others, first of all, the volume of the waist and hips increases. The third – the chest and arms. Therefore, ladies are often interested in diets for losing weight on the abdomen and sides. Moreover, modern beauty standards require a flat toned press and elastic buttocks. And it can be a shame to realize that your own figure does not look like photos of models from Instagram.

However, it is important to understand that without surgery it is impossible to reduce the amount of adipose tissue in one place without affecting the rest of the body. Therefore, you should not expect that even the most effective diet will remove excess centimeters of volume only from the sides and hips. It is necessary to normalize the weight in general. At the same time, it is in your power to make the waist become thin. But for this, you will have to add a set of physical exercises and workouts to the diet for losing weight in the abdomen, which will strengthen the muscles of the back, abs and hips.

Firstly, if your figure as a whole seems slender, and only the stomach “spoils the picture”, then the reasons may lie in lordosis. This is a curvature of the spine, in which the lumbar deflection increases, and the stomach protrudes forward. Due to lordosis, it may seem as if you urgently need to lose extra pounds, even if the weight is within the medical norm.

 It is impossible to correct lordosis without strengthening the muscles of the back and the press, and this curvature is a real scourge of people with sedentary work. But even if you really gained overweight during the winter, it cannot be ruled out that your posture needs to be improved, so training will not be superfluous.

Secondly, before choosing a diet for weight loss, you should make sure that your problem is not abdominal obesity. Visually, it often looks like an increase in the abdomen with relatively normal volumes of the rest of the figure. Since this type of obesity is more common in men than in women, it is also referred to as “male-pattern weight gain”.

 Abdominal obesity is dangerous because fat envelops the internal organs. This in itself can pose a threat to health, so in this case, the diet should be selected with an endocrinologist.

If you have ruled out health problems that can increase your “sides”, you can pick up a pleasant physical activity and review your own diet. Let’s take a closer look at the basic principles of nutrition that should be followed in order to gain a thin waist in 1-3 months (depending on the amount of excess kilograms and the intensity of training).


Diet for a flat stomach: nutritional principles

  • Refusal of bad habits: alcohol, smoking, fast food, semi-finished products. You can drink no more than a glass of dry red wine per week. Quitting smoking can also take time, so reduce the number of cigarettes per day if you can not completely give up.
  • Refusal of fried, fatty, spicy, as well as purchased sauces, mayonnaise, sweets and pastries. These are high-calorie foods with a low content of nutrients. They contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body so well that sometimes it is enough to exclude them from the diet in order to “remove” the sides and achieve the effect of burning fat.
  • Reducing sugar intake. This point involves not only minimizing the amount of sweets in the diet. Also avoid sugary sodas, including packaged juices, which are high in sugar. Try not to drink sweet tea and drink as little coffee as possible if you cannot do without this drink. Do not try to replace sugar with honey, since honey contains the same sucrose, and in terms of its amount, it can even be “sweeter”. No wonder diabetics do not recommend honey.
  • Don’t forget clean water. No need to stand with a measuring cup: did I drink two liters of water today or not? Drink as you get thirsty, but always keep clean still water on hand. Thirst often disguises itself as a feeling of hunger. And if you get used to satisfying it with water, there will be no desire to drink Cola, an extra cup of coffee. At the same time, the body will not suffer from dehydration.
  • Eat at home. A diet for losing weight on the abdomen and sides involves the rejection of ready-made meals from cafes and restaurants. If you want to meet with friends, then try to eat before that at home, and if it doesn’t work out, then take them to such meetings and gatherings in a cafe one day a week. At home, it is worth cooking from foods such as cereals, eggs, herbs, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits. You can also cook from fresh raw meat, fish and seafood, milk, fermented baked milk, kefir, sour cream and cream. Try not to fry in a pan, but bake dishes on the grill or in the oven using sunflower or olive oil.

How to lose weight without a diet and get rid of your belly

Strictly speaking, a diet is any food system, even if it includes solid hamburgers and soda. That is, each person adheres to a certain diet. But since dietary issues are raised when there are health problems or being overweight, we tend to think of diet as a restriction. Is it possible to remove fat from the sides and abdomen without shaking the body?

It is possible, but you will need a combination of a balanced diet for weight loss with physical activity. In addition, even if you cannot completely eliminate all those foods that we mentioned above from the diet, their consumption will still have to be significantly reduced. If possible, eat them rarely and only in the morning. In order not to feel that you are following some kind of strict diet for losing weight on the sides and abdomen, but still achieve the result, replace high-calorie foods like muffin, fried, fatty, salty with something tasty and healthy:

  • Ginger, which serves as an excellent seasoning and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Green tea, which not only helps to cheer up thanks to caffeine, but also stimulates fat burning.
  • Grapefruits can replace sweets, but you need to eat them with membranes, without peel. They are rich in vitamin C and help to get rid of excess fluid in the body.
  • Cucumbers combined with a low-calorie side dish.
  • Broccoli and cauliflower rich in vitamins.

Try to include oatmeal in your diet – this porridge is low in calories, but at the same time there are a lot of slow carbohydrates and useful trace elements. Therefore, oatmeal breakfast helps to maintain a stable blood sugar level for a long time, read for a long time without feeling hungry. You can also eat legumes, which themselves require a lot of energy for digestion, due to which they contribute to weight loss.

Do not forget about such things that contribute to the normalization of metabolism, such as an 8-hour night’s sleep, massage, bath if there are no contraindications. Lack of sleep is one of the most undesirable factors for those who want to get a beautiful figure without dieting. Exhausted by a lack of sleep, the body requires more high-calorie food, you want to eat more and more often.

In addition, as a result of lack of sleep, a condition such as insulin resistance occurs, when the body becomes insensitive to insulin. Due to the constant lack of sleep, this condition can become chronic, which can lead to abdominal obesity. As we have already mentioned, with such weight gain, the stomach and sides first of all increase.


Effective diets for weight loss of the abdomen and sides

There are several effective ways to reduce the volume of the abdomen quickly. But resorting to them is only in exceptional cases, because quickly lost weight runs the risk of quickly returning. It is better to lose weight slowly, but be sure that the result will remain stable. The following weight loss methods are designed for situations where it became necessary to quickly put the figure in order, for example, after the winter holidays:

  • Buckwheat diet: during the week we eat one buckwheat, sometimes you can add kefir to the menu.
  • Kefir diet: for 5 days we drink only kefir, clean water, unsweetened yogurts.
  • Fasting days: every third day is a fasting day, when we drink only water, the rest of the time we adhere to a balanced menu.
  • Rice diet: for 5 days we eat only boiled rice, sometimes you can add a small piece of steamed fish or cucumbers.

Such menu options help to achieve a flat stomach, but it is always stressful for the body. You run the risk of disrupting your metabolism if you use these methods of losing weight regularly. Even once a year is too often for mono-diets. Resort to them only as a last resort, and no more than once every two years, otherwise you risk running into a problem where even sitting on the same water will not contribute to weight loss.


Weekly diet for weight loss of the abdomen: menu

A sample weight loss menu would be:

  • Monday: whole grain bread, almonds with raisins, lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan, chicken breast.
  • Tuesday: whole grain bread, tomatoes, orange juice, scrambled eggs, low fat yogurt, oatmeal, orange, tuna salad.
  • Wednesday: berries, kefir, cereal, turkey fillet with beans, boiled eggs, toast, banana.
  • Thursday: Forest fruits, oatmeal, fresh vegetables, almonds, turkey steak, unsweetened yogurt.
  • Friday: cottage cheese, greens, yogurt, turkey stew with beans, orange, grilled chicken, berries.
  • Saturday-Sunday: Yogurt, nuts, turkey, apples, lean beef, almonds, fresh vegetables, quinoa, oranges.

When there is no time to go to the grocery store, cook for every day – order a ready-made menu for the week from BeFit! We offer delicious and healthy dishes from fresh products that will help reduce the volume of the abdomen.


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