Colour combinations you should explore to change up your style this summer

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Summer is the season for countless lunch parties and outdoor activities, which naturally calls for trendy and eye-catching fashion. You may be wondering how you can look up to the occasion while looking fresh and up-to-date with latest fashion trends. You probably already know that colors are essential to summer fashion, so here are some safe and fun colour combinations and ideas to help you out!

Pinks and fuschia

Using bright and vivid pinks are ways to make your attire pop. Colours like magentas or fuschia are eye catching, while pastel pinks or dusty rose colours are great ways to add some fun without looking over-the-top. It doesn’t have to be just your shirt or your skirts; you can go for a beaded statement necklace or even heart-shaped pink lab grown diamonds UK if you want to go the extra mile!


Show up to that beach or pool party in a blue outfit to match the atmosphere. Turquoise or teals are great ways to add freshness to your look without looking too bold. Blues are versatile, pairing it with greens, whites or even purples will give a complete look. Consider adding this colour in your accessories or through dyeing your hair!

Pale yellows and beiges

Look a little sunny with pale yellows or florals, not only does this add a feminine touch, it can surely bring the summer spirit into any wardrobe. Lemon yellows or mustards are fantastic choices to go with formal wear as well if want to feel up to the season.


Beat the heat with a full white ensemble, while looking just as put together. Match textures or shapes to add some variety. Throw on some of the best man made diamonds for an affordable yet extravagant sparkle. White reflects heat rays, which will help you stay cool and breezy but they look far from plain!


Use patterns to your advantage to achieve your desired appearance. Vertical stripes to look taller and horizontal stripes to look broader are some of the basics. A classic hound’s tooth pattern never goes out of style for an evening out, while floral patterns are a summer staple, great for afternoon iced tea hang outs!

Last but not least, experiment with your options and express your personality through your attire!


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