Body mist – an alternative to perfume or a care product?

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The body mist is a mysterious remedy. It seems like not perfume, but not thermal water either. Therefore, many do not know what to do with it. But this is the main must-have for moisturizing the skin, especially in the heat. We will tell you adequately how it works and why it should always be in your purse.


  • What is a body mist
  • Mists for different zones: what is the difference?
  • We look at the composition of the mist
  • What is the ideal mistress?
  • How to apply mist correctly?
  • How to choose an aromatic mist

What is a body mist?

Translated from English, “mist” is a haze or fog. In cosmetics, mists are aerosols that need to be sprayed onto the face, body, or hair. Usually, the primary purpose of the product is to moisturize. But today, the multifunctional mist is often found, which at the same time can be the basis for makeup, sunscreen, highlighter, matting agent, and perfume replacement.

The main advantage of mist is felt precisely in the spring and summer when you need to moisturize the skin regularly, but you don’t want to smear it with a greasy cream once again. A separate topic is clogged pores and, as a result, inflammation. With a mist, you can forget about this problem and not worry about the water balance of the dermis.

Mists for different zones: what is the difference?

Mist is a convenient thing. A couple of zips and the skin is filled with life-giving moisture, shines as if you have just returned from the sea. Of course, I want to apply it all over the body and face at once. But is it worth doing this? If the bottle does not say that this is a universal mist (and this rarely happens), then it is better to use the product as directed. Each product is formulated specifically for a specific area.

Facial mists are needed to refresh the skin and fix makeup and solve specific problems: lighten pigmentation, heal inflammation, and restore natural radiance and elasticity. The most effective face mists are produced in the same line with other products: creams, foams, toners, serums. That is, this is already a separate stage in facial care and an activator of different means.

The hair mist may contain components stimulating hair growth, oils for shine and thickening strands, herbal extracts for easier combing.

Among the most for the body, there are few healing ones. Most often, there are perfumes with a slightly moisturizing effect. Nevertheless, they can give the skin exactly what it needs during the exhausting heat: a vitamin boost, elasticity, protection from the adverse impact of the environment.

We look at the composition of the mist.

 Even if the packaging says that the mist perfectly refreshes and saturates the skin with valuable substances, the remedy may turn out to be a simple analog of a perfume with a single moisturizing component in the composition. So, if you want the mist to work, look for these ingredients:

  • Thermal water. Magnesium, calcium, zinc, and other trace elements regenerate the skin and accelerate regeneration.
  • Vitamin B3 (or PP) increases the skin’s protective functions and eliminates redness and age spots.
  • Panthenol (aka vitamin B5) will save you if you need to cope with dryness, irritation, microcracks, and wounds.
  • Vegetable water. For example, based on green tea, grapes, roses. It leaves skin feeling velvety instantly.
  • Hyaluronic acid. Protects the skin of the body from aging, moisturizes increases collagen synthesis.
  • Herbal extracts: from chamomile to soothe the skin to the rarest ingredients from Asia: peony, sakura, Japanese peach, Asian Centella.
  • Jojoba, olive, sunflower, castor oils. They promise complete hydration and softening.
  • Glycerol. It is present in almost all mystics to make the skin even smoother.

What is the ideal mistress?

We have collected mystics according to the principle of action, created to delight you this summer season.


It all mainly depends on what effect you need. If you want to find a replacement for your usual perfume, which seems too heavy for spring and summer, a body mist perfume spray will do. But if the main goal is to restore and maintain the skin, aromatherapy is unlikely to help.


Another popular request for summer is to refresh and matte the skin. Pay attention to the Mistas with citrus, tea tree, and menthol extracts. By the way, the mist with these extracts is ideal for problem skin. But the mist with marula oil, ceramides, or panthenol will support the skin during the period of direct sunlight.


Well, one more mist should become your constant favorite. This is a vitamin spray that will give the body’s skin everything it needs: tone, radiance, freshness – and make it more well-groomed. Below are the best mistresses from the caregiver category.

How to apply mist correctly?

Surely you already know how to use a body mist. But here, as always, there are life hacks. For example, a mist can enhance the effect of a moisturizer. To do this, spray your body with a spray after a shower, and only then apply your favorite cream. The outcome will be instant.

Mists with hyaluronic acid, oils, and vitamins can easily replace a nourishing and even anti-age cream. Take note if you do not like long-absorbing products with a dense texture. Only it is better not to skimp and generously apply the spray mist all over the body. As in the case if the mist has a high SPF and you use it as a Sanskrit.

There is another category of mist. Illuminating or pearlescent body spray. What is it? Another must-have when you need a weightless highlighter or if you want to achieve a gym skin effect. Just remember that the mist can give too much shine. Therefore, it is better to apply the product at arm’s length.

How to choose an aromatic mist

Body mist and perfume are not the same things. Not only because the second does not apply to care products. Myst is not as persistent as perfume and does not leave a long trail behind. Firstly, you will not encounter sidelong glances because of too harsh perfume. Secondly, you will enjoy the light, unobtrusive aroma. And in nature, where all smells are felt several times more potent, mystics behave much better than perfumes.


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