As a Project Manager how do I evaluate a Six Sigma certification course?

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Six sigma is a set of techniques for the development of the process. This was introduced by an American engineer Bill Smith while working for Motorola. It is a set that improves the output quality, and 99.999% of the output is said to be without any defect. The course basically teaches ways by which any defect from any program. It reduces viruses in business processes and program ideas. These organizations have a set of people and infrastructure who are experts in these. It follows some specific guidelines and targets some definite goals like reducing the processing time or reducing pollution or cost-effectiveness or increasing the user choices and meeting their demands. It takes a few hundred to a thousand dollars, which is quite less as compared to the massive amount required to any degree. It is known from a survey that people who are certified SIX sigma black belts earn a salary of about 102 thousand US dollars and those who are non-certified earn about 85 thousand US dollars.

The time duration of this course is equivalent to the time taken to complete one semester. The six sigma projects are worth the extra pay because the demand for a certified person is way more. A typical six sigma black belt would give forth one million US dollars of improvements measured per year. But for this, one needs to learn properly the way to successfully remove the glitches from the projects and should be a professional in it by Sprintzeal. Almost all the companies require the six sigma black belt holders as everybody wants their programs to be glitch-free. One must be good at understanding and figuring out the problem-causing element, and hence the course should be dealt with wisely. The root cause should be discovered and should be solved in small and goal-oriented steps. This is what the job of the professional is: to stop a project from being failed. The cost of the course is not the cheapest in the market, and when it comes to matching the lower price, courses offer training in a fraction of the total money required to get the software licenses, textbooks that the Master black belt students need to be educated and to grow in their fields.

There will be a lot of false teachers who would teach you a pretend course or no project at all. One can compete with them with partial training, which is not enough to attain perfection and become fully trained and qualified. One who is aiming at excellence should not compromise on the quality of training as the cost of training, even though high, is nothing in front of the lifetime enjoyment offered by the course.

The Six sigma has various certification programs, and it is based on the skills of the individuals. These are:

1. Six sigma white belt – it is the primary level of certification of a six sigma course and deals with the basic Six Sigma concepts. It actually helps in assisting projects in any business. As said, that is the primary stage; it does not give the opportunity to serve as a leader. The white belt can let you change the management in an organization.

2. Six sigma yellow belt – this is a more streamlined course where you know the specificity you are looking for. You know how to apply and where to apply the knowledge you have acquired. This lets you help project teams on problem-solving tasks.

3. Lean Six sigma green belt certification – this is the advanced part of the course, and you understand the analysis and can solve problems that can change the quality. These form the leaders and provide assistance to the black belt holders.

4. Six sigma black belt – these provide the training to the project leadings and are the experts and the agents who bring about the change.

5. Six sigma master black belt – this is the topmost and the highest position in the hierarchy. It is the ultimate level of the six sigma course. The professionals here shape the business idea and strategy and develop key metrics and provide training to black and green belts.

For any methodological product, way of working, or delivery, the quality factor will surely hold a very vital as well as a needed attribute in the present IT market of progress plus development. A quite relevant scenario in the organization must make sure that in order to promote the analysis on the quality that eradicates the issues of the desired outcome to be achieved, the Six Sigma technologies are well in use for an effective purpose and hence, manipulate the same. The Six Sigma channel hugely follows all these practices or techniques to developed substantial progress for an industrial organization.


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