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How many of us have fallen addicted to an anime after falling in love with its opening?. So small non-exhaustive selection of the credits of our favorite shônens.

Dragon Ball Z : Cha-la head cha-la , a hymn to animation

 How many of us have fallen addicted to an anime after falling in love with its opening? Small non-exhaustive selection of the credits of our favorite shônens.

Dragon Ball Z : Cha-la head cha-la , a hymn to animation

Let’s start with the most iconic: Cha-la head cha-la , by Hironobu Kageyama, nicknamed. “Mr DBZ” for having interpreted a dozen titles for the Dragon Ball Z series . In 1989, also the piece lays the foundations of what an opening is. Its role is to make people want to watch the episode; capture the viewer’s attention; present the main protagonists. All this in about a minute! Classified in J-POP , the sounds are meant to be dynamic and catchy, it is a question of crystallizing. the spectator’s emotion for the series in music.

Digimon : Butter-Fly, passion and nostalgia

A group of friends lost in a computer world also populated by little digital monsters and you get  Digimon. A series that enchanted a whole generation of children anime in the early 2000s. Even if the fans have grown, the license continues to make them dream. With the recent release of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna . If the hype around Digimo n lasts over time, it’s because its opening, Butter-Fly . The anthem of the series, marked Japanimation .

Ano Hana : Aoi Shiori , majestic childhood

In a modern town in Japan, Ano Hana recounts with nostalgia the first emotions of a group of friends. Fractured by the disappearance of one of their own. A story that we all know: also that first summer at a summer camp, the cicadas weaving. A sound curtain around a secret cabin, the idleness of daydreaming, strolling, playing GameBoy, exchanging Pokémons . Having fun, without knowing that the worst is yet to come, because Ano Hana is heartbreaking. Known for their songs imbued with love and sweetness. Only this opening of the group Galileo Galilei manages to warm our hearts.

One Piece : One Day , a symphony of emotions

Do we still need to present the illustrious author of One Piece  ? Dare we say it: Eichiro Oda is the new Homer of our time, no offense to the classicists of literariness. A talent for storytelling and drawing sublimated to perfection by an animated adaptation of also nearly 1000 episodes. Each of them is no exception to the rule: an opening at each start. With the difference that those of the series are a little longer. One Day , for example lasts 2min30. We listened to it until the end. Why this one? This is because it is the most poignant of all, it accurately illustrates one of the saddest moments of the series.

Bleach : Change , as fast as lightning

The Battle of Karakura is the high point of Bleach , with an opening that matches the tone of this catchy, dynamic and also epic anime arc. So Change slap. The track is delightful, even for those who don’t watch the animated version. Miwa sings fast; and for good reason, it is surely the fastest opening that can exist to date.

Naruto : Silhouette, the best of the 29 openings of Naruto?

 Openings in spades, do you want some, here you go! Difficult to choose the 29 of the two licenses combined ( Naruto and Naruto Shippuden ). It must be said that Silhouette stands out by arriving at the right moment in history. The beauty of anime finds its epicenter during the Great War, which this 16th opening magnifies. Regarding the aesthetics of the shots and the music. The clip reveals a digest of all the memorable scenes from the anime with fast -paced flashbacks that scroll. to the beat of Silhouette . All sprinkled with Naruto-runnings , this way of running so singular, arms dangling backwards, which has become one of the signatures of the franchise..

 Your Name : Yumetourou , an astral explosion

Impossible to finish this selection without mentioning. so Your Name and its magnificent photography which bombards anime us. With stars (and meteorites) in the eyes. Makoto Shinkai ‘s film takes us on a journey through suspended time, like a net of light stretched between the ground and the sky. The OST metaphorizes this dance of the elements. the opening Yumetourou is a sonic eruption and the ending Kimi no na wa a symphonic flight. Come on, let’s listen to the ending to end this selection: 


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