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The worst affected sector is the education sector during and post the pandemic outbreak, the disrupted education system worldwide has witnessed a tremendous transformation over the past decade, thanks to the emergence of digital learning tools. This new way of online learning revolutionized education today has metamorphosed into instant, online, flexible, and on-the-go learning.

ecadema, offers professional certifications list of programs. An interactive learning platform, offers online live sessions along with workshops, discussion forums, group projects. And quizzes to keep learners engaged and encourage peer interaction. ecadema understands corporate professionals’. Career concerns and provides an excellent medium of study. To learn essential communication skills by proxy.

Easy availability

Additionally, the easy availability of the Internet and democratization of technology also gave rise to a sense of urgency of continuous upskilling through online education. E-learning has witnessed a rapid surge across all prominent e-learning platforms to educate and build specialization in the field of interest.

Besides, the pandemic’s disruption has provided a platform with an opportunity to experience virtual and remote learning experiences beyond geographical constraints. However, new avenues of online learning platforms embracing e-learning models brought more recent challenges. 

For remote learners, online learning offers the best classroom with an engaging learning environment – where learners can clear all their doubts with the subject matter expert while sharing their knowledge on the topic. 

For instance: 

Online learning via tech-enabled tools

  • Virtual learning via video lectures, streaming, Artificial intelligence
  • eLearning 
  • Remote learning
  • Distance learning
  • On-demand learning

Learners around the globe often get confused with the above-listed terms and this article will help you to unfold the difference between them.

When remote learners try to navigate the online learning landscape, they often find overlapping terminologies related. Online learning with different definitions to each. But the fact is, learners, find. It is difficult to understand what the actual difference is among the learning options available to them. 

And these learning options are based on the adoption of technology and act as the main conduit between “teacher” and student. 

Online private tutoring lessons should describe according. To how each of these different learning opportunities approaches works for learners.

Education & Online Learning Types:

Education that takes place online through a website or app, can be accessed through the Internet. 

A wide rainbow of learning platforms through websites. Apps are equipped with tech-enabled tools to facilitate. Online learning where a student can learn, providing. Online tutoring sessions via virtual learning. 

Virtual learning is taking an original build in-person element and putting it online. 

Online learning provides an environment that models a classroom, with the primary purpose to provide an interactive learning session.

Virtual tech programs offer elements that can be put online for professionals to benefit from. This means the instruction and student interaction that is physically taken. the place will be put forward to the online learning platform as a virtual learning program under video tutoring.


E-learning is a typical online learning platform, that is different from “virtual learning”, and provider of ed-tech tools for professionals. 

Remote Learning

Corporate training method or a formal learning program, designed by subject matter expertise and implemented by organizations and educational institutions. Generally singular programs designed to train and equip specific organization’s members, catering employees.

Distance Learning

Therefore, distance learning has a lot of similarities to remote learning, sometimes considered as synonyms. So, distance learning is often a full-time program offers by colleges or universities. And no or little physical interaction between teacher and student takes place. These distance programs include tests, resources, and assignments. or even non-digital instruction as a part of their online course. 

On-demand Learning

Schedule an online learning session according to convenience, can consider as a true on-demand product. Generally, this kind of learning is not suitable through an organization or educational institution, but most suited to the public or non-working to build skills in order to get a future job or enhance their knowledge and skills.

Youtube videos are watch as the most informative source. On the internet and learners can pull up anytime to watch and learn the desired courses.

There are a lot of websites offering a number of on-demand courses and apps, where learners can get in touch with an instructor right away right then and can get help. 

Blended Learning

Blended learning, also referred to as hybrid learning in an online world, is a combination of online educational materials (distance-learning

and traditional on-campus learning programs. Basically, used in professional development and corporate training settings with a fixed schedule where you will have to attend a part of the classes on campus.

Now with the increasing digitization, online learning is more visible and easier to access, facilitating on-campus learning resulting in numerous students opting for this more flexible and cost-effective option.

Choosing the most suitable learning style:

The success of your online courses majorly depends on which platform you are going to choose and what kind of learning environment these platforms offer. That’s why the teaching methods should be designed following creative approaches, keeping in mind the choices and preferences of learners. Ultimately enhance your learning experiences with the use of digital tools, make better use of the real potential of online learning programs that play a key role in your development.

Regardless of the method, you join, whether it is distance Learning or Online Learning, learners must define. The learning objectives should be self-discipline and self-motivation, very useful skills to cultivate in life.

Live Online Learning: ecadema

ecadema, offers professional certifications list of programs, conducts interactive learning session’s normal learning but entirely online. Lectures are delivering online and face-to-face, taught live by an experienced trainer or instructor.

Live online classes require both learners and trainers to be online for lectures to be in real-time. So ecadema uses communication tools in the form of audio, video, or/and an interactive whiteboard to conduct teaching sessions.

In live interactive sessions, online trainers facilitate learning through online learning materials and go through in-depth on the topics and concepts the student has difficulty understanding.

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