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Alternative Options for an Engagement Rings

A beautiful gemstone ring, perhaps with some engravings is the ideal choice for proposing. But no matter how beautiful it is, most modern and adventurous people may find the idea old. They want something unique to make the moment and their future together memorable forever.

To make something unique, many people opt for bespoke engagement rings UK. But for something more interesting, you don’t need to resort to a ring only for the proposal. There are other beautiful pieces of jewelry, with outstanding designs and expensive gemstones and metals on them. We can easily use them for confirming the engagement and making the partner happy.

Charm Bracelet

While this might sound like something for a teenage girl, this is a very fascinating idea. The charms in the bracelet will no doubt add some charm to your life. It is also meant to provide symbolism of anything significant in your life. Besides, it will continue to commemorate important occasions in the coming days.


A locket is also a brilliant idea that can easily hold on to some memories. It can be decorated in different ways with beautiful gemstones for Engagement Rings. Besides, we can add some little photographs inside for any important date. This is an easier thing to wear at all times since it is more comfortable. For the chain part, silver or platinum will look very elegant with a precious stone.

Eternity Bands

If you want a blend of something unique and also similar to a ring, then this is an excellent option. Rings for a certain moment, but bands are forever, and suitable for different events. We can easily design these similar to custom Made Engagement Rings according to our ideas and desires. They even look more expensive, although creating them is quite cheaper than designing a precious ring. This is a perfect example of something valuable but not expensive.

Some people may even try something crazier than alternative jewelry options. The main idea is to make the token of love something to cherish. An engagement is a memorable event and it becomes one when we can offer the best form of the symbol for our love.

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