A.K Anmol beauty parluor, Karachi

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A.K Anmol beauty parlor

Nowadays, not only girls and boys also want to look beautiful and stylish. So in simple words, beauty parlors have become the need of everyone. As it relates to our skin, we can’t take the risk. Our first preference is our face looks and our dressing. Sometimes we are not able to get it quickly. Parlors and beauticians know which thing will suit you. A.l Anmol parlor understands all your needs like makeups, hairstyles, and many other things. 

Bridal specialist Khadija Ashraf

Wedding is the dream of all girls and boys. It comes only one time in life. We want to look beautiful, as it’s never repeating. Next time, if we don’t look good at parties, it doesn’t matter. We will rock. But weeding happens once I live. Khadija Ashraf is a specialist bridal make, and she has experience of years. She can guide you best on which styles will make you perfect on your day. So if you are looking for your wedding makeup 

Beauty tips

Sometimes we need care and attention, but we don’t know in which sense. So she will guide you about all the remedies and also guide you about your skin type. Because there are many skin types like dry skin, oily skin. So if you know which kind of skin do you have, it’s easy to maintain. So if you are facing any issue and don’t have the knowledge you can’t contact her, she will guide you.

Hair cuts

Hair cuts also improve our styles. So many of us don’t know which haircut will suit us. But hair cut specialists know about your face cut and guide you properly which will suit you best.

All types of facials

A facial is the best way to remove all the dust from our skin. So if you are facing you must choose a facial for your skin there are many types of facial so if you also want to have facial AK Anmol parlor is the best place they have a long-range of facials you can choose your favorite one.

All kinds of makeup

There are many types of make like party make-up, bridal maown so different make-up for different occasions. Khadija Ashraf has experience of more than 10 years, that an enough, but she is still growing her skills to make you more satisfied. So if you are looking for your wedding make, it’s our guarantee that we make your bridal-like princess and make your day special.

All trending mehndi designs

Mehndi is our tradition, so there is not any function that is complete without medngi. So mehndi also enhances our looks at weddings and functions. So we also provide mehndi services we have a YouTube channel you can visit our channel and also hire for your special days.

Incredible offers

We love to serve you because Khadija Ashraf is passionate about making your special moments more beautiful and rememberable. We also give you special discounts our aim is to serve you not to earn a massive profit, so you can contact us we will make your weddings parties more rememberable in your budget.


In simple words, if you want any kind of makeup mehdni facial, you can contact A.K Anmol beauty parlor any time.


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