8 Tips for Living a Healthy Life Right Now

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Healthy life

Reaching the holy grail of the “healthy life”, in other words this healthy life that we see everywhere on social networks, can seem insurmountable. Too many concessions or not enough time and we are already giving up. Fortunately, there are simple solutions that help us get better in no time. Demonstration.


The human body is made up of 60% water. Every day, our body evacuates a little more than two liters of water. But it is what allows our body to function properly, it guarantees the proper elimination of toxins and prevents certain kidney problems. It is therefore necessary to drink enough daily – between 1.5 liters and 2 liters but without exaggerating at the risk of overworking your kidneys – in this way we avoid both the dehydration of our epidermis and the poor functioning of our metabolism. 


 Thus, in a report by the French Academy of Medicine , we discover that 80% of the Western population suffer from vitamin D deficiency, also called “sunshine vitamin”. This affects both morale and the proper functioning of our body because this vitamin prevents certain infectious and autoimmune diseases. Sunbathing, consuming foods rich in vitamin D or taking a vitamin D vial are all tips for coping with winter fatigue. 


A sedentary lifestyle is the evil of the century. Blocked behind our computers, we tend to forget to practice a physical activity. Even walking is becoming increasingly rare. However, exercise allows you to stay in shape and release accumulated tension. It’s all about getting started, but once the effort is made, it will be difficult to do without it.

In recent years, science and medicine have taken meditation and its benefits to our bodies more and more seriously. In the very anxious, for example, it has been proven that meditation has an impact on the modification of the synapses linked to the amygdala located in the brain, the very one responsible for our particularly distressing emotions, as Jean-Jean explains to us. Marie Pairin, doctor and psychiatrist at Sainte Anne Hospital. While you are anxious, worried or just a little tired, there is nothing like ten minutes of mediation a day to refocus on yourself, confront your emotions and clear your mind. 


As a result of our somewhat mobile and unsportsmanlike lives, our muscles end up contracting, pulling and creating tension and other headaches.  But be careful, it is essential to do the right things at the risk of doing more harm than good. We therefore learn to stretch the back well but also the legs and arms thanks to rapid stretching sessions.


  Whether you have a quiet laugh or on the contrary very expressive, the consequences are the same on the muscles (130 to be exact), breathing and the brain. This allows you to release pressure, relieve tension and sleep better. Laughter also has an impact on the immune system and considerably reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Finally, laughter simply makes you happy, creates sharing, exchange and increases your self-confidence. Not difficult and free, what more could you ask for?


In times of stress, it is often the belly – consideres the second human brain – as well as the diaphragm which suffer the most. All these muscles tense up and end up blocking the rib cage. So, when we feel the slightest annoyance, we stop everything, we refocus (even the principle of meditation above) and we breathe. Nothing like abdominal breathing for five minutes to be more efficient right after.


The digital detox, it’s good. Really doing it is better. We are surrounded on a daily basis by connected objects and, very often, the smartphone becomes both an alarm clock and a lullaby.

 In other words, from lying down to getting up, the brain is constantly stimulated. We will not advise you to copy Anna Wintour and (re) switch to the flip phone, but some little habits are always good to take. If you do not feel able to disconnect completely, the idea is already to leave your phone in the living room before going to bed (or even to turn it off) and to opt for a dawn simulator alarm clock, perfect to start with. The day smoothly.

 Finally, remove the most addictive applications from your phone and monitor social networks on your computer at key times for a Healthy Life . Strangely, you get a taste for it (very) quickly.


If you follow these tips you can lead a healthier life. If you want to live a balanced life these tips are beneficial for you. These are not quite difficult to follow you can easily make these habits part of your life.


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