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6 Things from Sephora You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

We don’t need to mention the reasons why to shop from sephora. But for people finding better (read cheaper) alternatives to this store, have had luck finding many options. But maybe it’s not sephora it’s just the products and the vibe of sephora that makes. You spend all of your heart and savings. Sephora is a place for beauty lovers and we don’t think there is a doubt about that.

After all sephora does deserve all the praises by people who love themselves a swatch or two. Most of the time you can get products somewhere else too. But there is a reason sephora is still standing tall and proud. Yes, and that’s because the few products from sephora you won’t find anywhere else. Hence, to make things easier for you. Here are a few products you shouldn’t bother looking anywhere else because sephora has the best. And to make the most of that hard earned money, use the sephora coupon codes.

Yves Saint Laurent Lipsticks Sephora

Glossy lips with a pink shade are a dream come true for every girl. This lip solution (all in one) is a must grab if you suffer from, dry, dull, Chappy and rough lips. The lipstick is perfect for an entire day look as well as a fancy night out with friends. You will find the lip color complementing most of your dresses and that’s not even the best part.

Even if the lipstick wears off the lower glow and layer leaves a color behind. You are going to love it everything from the packaging to the color. The formula is 100% authentic and craze worthy.

Tarte Concealer

Okay, you must be like this concealer is easy to find and available everywhere. But when we talk about the not to skip products from sephora, the tarte concealer is one of a kind. One single swipe and no fine lines. That’s the promise by tarte and we stand by it. It gives a fresh, neat (not even a hint of cakey) and one of a kind look. The shades range is 30 and you can find the especially made for you easily at sephora.

The amazing coverage is what most women love about it. And you are going to fall in love with the feel of this product on your skin.

Urban decay Setting Spray

You cannot go wrong with a little setting spray and when it comes to this urban decay setting spray it is the show winner. With an average rating of 4.8 stars the product is loved by all and everyone around the globe. The reason? Quality and lasting glow.

Use the Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to help your makeup last longer. It includes a “micro fine” mist and “temperature control technology,” according to the manufacturer. To protect your makeup from smearing or settling into fine lines.

Eye brow Pencil

Not all of are blessed with thick dark eyebrows and even if you are there is nothing wrong in giving them a little define. Eyebrows pencil are one of a kind and they can make every look, look win-win. And Sephora when we talk about eye brows pencil the only product ruling our minds is the Anastasia Beverly hills eyebrow pencil.

Whether you want to sculpt your brows for a fuller impression or fill in sparse regions with hair-like strokes, this is a must-try. The pencil has a fine tip and an easy-to-apply waxy composition that allows you to define your brows accurately without going overboard. It’s available in 12 different colors, ranging from blond to black, with warm and cool tones throughout.

Soy Face Cleanser

With the makeup you do and parties you attend you put your skin under a lot of stress. Makeup lovers know how hard it is to keep their skin fresh and free from breakouts especially with the products they apply every day. This doesn’t mean you should throw makeup away as good quality makeup doesn’t damage your skin but to make sure to skin is clean at most is important so the pores don’t get clogged.

And sephora has a solution for that, in the form of an attractive duo cleansing set. You can relax knowing that the two small cleansers that make up Fresh’s Day & Night Cleansing Duo are removing.All of the dead skin, makeup, and sunscreen every morning and night.

Because it contains relaxing cucumber extract and aloe vera, the Soy Face Cleanser is mild and suitable for sensitive skin, according to Allure editors and dermatologists. You can use the Sugar Strawberry Exfoliator Face Wash when there’s a little more accumulation than usual – white sugar crystals slowly disappear as they softly exfoliate pores and soften overall texture.

Rouge Gel Lip Liners

Lip liners are great thing to have in your vanity. And when we talk about the rouge lip liners from sephora you need to stop and buy them. At all costs. The rouge lip liners are classic and showstoppers.  They come in a pack of many colors. So you cannot go out of choices when you have these with you.

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