5 Dates to Go on With Your Partner

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Since the onset of the pandemic, outdoor life has become limited. There are not many things you can do with your spouse to enjoy nature. 

If you want to enjoy the outside world but also want to keep yourself safe, there are a few activities that you can take part in with your partner. Before participating in these activities, make sure you follow all the standard operating procedures for Covid-19. 

Boat Trips

Boat trips are solitary, and they allow you to appreciate nature. If you want to spend quality time with your spouse, make sure you both have your documents. The required documents can include boat registration and driver’s license, and if your spouse is from another country, make sure that they have a partner visa or passport.

Before mounting onboard, check for all the safety measures, including boat batteries and engine, to maintain safety. 

Once you have managed all the security protocols, plan your time onboard. Bring food and water with you for a pleasurable time. 

Go Camping

During the lockdown, there are a few parks that allow camping. Wild camping is also allowed, but you will have to follow a few instructions. You can visit camping advice websites to gain more information on the protocols. 

Camping can be a very relaxing experience, as the raw and earthy experience allow you to connect with nature directly. Sleeping under the night sky is an intimate experience that you can enjoy in the lockdown. 

If you cannot find a spot outside, you can fix your camp in your backyard for a similar experience. 

Plan a Picnic

Picnics are a delightful way to spend time with your partner. You can have long talks while consuming nature through your eyes and ears. Station your picnic set up in a nearby park or your garden.

You can make some picnic snacks to treat your partner and have a chic and romantic experience. Make light snacks, and do not forget to pack a drink in your basket. 

Go on a Long Drive

Many of us felt bored in our houses. If you want to have an experience outside only to wake your senses up, go for a long drive with your partner. 

Long drives are soothing and exciting at the same time. To make the ride in your car charming, put together a playlist of songs that you both enjoy. The playlist will lighten up your mood and help make the environment cordial.

Ride Bicycles Around Your Neighborhood 

If you want to have a pleasant morning date with your spouse, you can ride bicycles around your neighborhood. If one of you does not know how to ride a bike, you can teach each other. Teaching how to ride a bike can also be an intimate experience for both the teacher and the learner.

Riding a bicycle is healthy for your physical health and helps you keep your muscles active. You can make this a weekly thing. Mount your bike on different routes around the neighborhood; this will make you notice little things in your part of the city.

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