3 Reasons You May Need To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

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A personal injury lawyer or attorney essentially deals with tort law and handles cases that fall under personal injury law. Individuals suffer at the hands of others’ wrongdoing or negligence and have to deal with extensive medical bills, lost income, and mental disorders as a result of that experience. Such individuals are victims, and they should rightfully claim compensation for what they have been through, and a personal injury attorney will help them in doing so.

If you feel you too have suffered at the hands of another person or entity but are unsure whether your case is covered under personal injury law, given below are five reasons why you may need to hire a personal injury lawyer:

If the liability for your accident is disputed

If you were involved in an accident that harmed both you and the other party, such as a car crash, but neither of you can arrive at a decision about whose fault the accident was, you likely need to contact a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer would help you negotiate with the other party, partake in collecting evidence, and help you get compensation for your injuries.

Since this compensation and settlements can account for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the other party may try to pin the accident on you and try to portray that you were at fault. A good and experienced attorney would help you stand your ground and rightfully get what’s yours.

If you sustain an injury or disability 

If you were harmed by an accident, and if that particular incident has brought you mental trauma or physical harm, you likely need to contact a personal injury attorney. If you sustain an injury, you are likely to incur substantial medical expenses, and if you incur a permanent disability, you are likely to require years of treatment and medical attention, and may even not be able to ever work or earn. 

Such injuries would qualify you for lifetime future damages which could go up to millions of dollars depending on your life and its circumstances. An attorney would hence help you calculate the compensation you are eligible for and help you get it. 

If insurance providers are giving you trouble 

Those who are the victims of an accident often witness that the insurance company of the party that harmed them is acting in bad faith and hoping to deny all their rights towards a claim. If you are going through something similar, you may need to contact a personal injury lawyer as they would help you identify and fight against all the wrong that the other party’s insurance company may be doing.

The insurance company could be hoping to further your claim till its statute of limitations expires so that they do not have to pay you anything at all. They could also pile unnecessary paperwork to process claims, raise false allegations about you, try to pin the accident on you through faulty investigation, and may even misrepresent their insurance policy. An attorney would help you successfully navigate through all of this and more.


A personal injury attorney can be very helpful if you have suffered from an accident caused due to someone else’s actions. In tumultuous times such as these, a personal injury lawyer shall help in guiding you towards filing for a claim and rightfully getting what’s yours, rather than being cheated out of your health and mental peace.



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