10 SMM trends for 2022 for retail and e-commerce

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December is the perfect time to take stock of the year. What trends will reign in the field of SMM trends for retail and e-commerce?

Compare your expectations with this list: we invite you to discuss all the coincidences and discrepancies in the comments.

Video: first and rich

Do you remember the trend towards rich content (more varied, inspiring versions of digital content for product cards, apps, and more)? He made it to social media too. We officially declare: the future belongs to video content!

This can prove with just three critical arguments from different online platforms:

Firstly, YouTube has a new video format, Shorts (videos up to a minute in length with a separate feed in the mobile application);

Secondly, TikTok “allowed” users to shoot videos up to 3 minutes long – before. Only 15sec and 60sec formats were available (and the long-awaited Spark Ads feature appeared in the application. The ability to promote videos from creators and bloggers directly from the feed);

Thirdly, Instagram presented Reels.

What’s nice is that videos shot on a mobile phone are great on all social networks. So we put our main efforts at the stage of developing an idea and not at the stage of post-production.

The true context in blogger ads

An example of creative content in TikTok accounts

Fewer and fewer companies have an interest in native blog advertising. More and more companies want influencers to work to increase sales (hello, CPA model!). The fact is that the modern audience is too easy to recognize advertising publications: there is no longer any point in hiding integrations under the guise of their own opinion / friendly advice.

But the positive side is that subscribers, recognizing ads, react to them in most cases calmly. Yes, being a blogger is a job. Yes, your favorite influencer obviously needs to make money somehow. The main thing is that advertising is harmoniously combined with high-quality, interesting content.

Password manager for business

In Brief: How to Organize Password Collaboration in  

Another trend that has become especially in demand amid the popularity of TikTok is working with bloggers as content creators: now influencers may not mention brands in their accounts, but create content for the official pages of a brand or retailer (example of TikTok accounts working with creators:  

Live streaming and social commerce

Continuing the topic of bloggers and sales, one cannot fail to mention live streaming – one of the most relevant tools now. Bloggers broadcast in their own style, simultaneously offering their audience benefits. In particular, these are promotional codes for discounts that are valid only during. The live broadcast or for a limiting time immediately after the broadcast.

What should I stream about the topic? In general, there are no restrictions: the main thing is to be able to present this or that product correctly. But if we still talk about the most popular areas. Then the leaders are now in the field of beauty and gaming (by the way, in the previously mentioned report from Instagram. It is indicated that on average, 3 out of 10 users of the social network want to watch streams with games).

Where to stream? We recommend that you pay attention to the happy owners of the necessary tools and the ability. To attract traffic, insufficient volume – marketplaces. However, social networks and even some instant messengers are also gradually catching up. (the appearance of shopping tags on Russian Instagram is a confirmation of this). So the idea of ​​social commerce does not lose its relevance either.


The audience is ready to make time for you.

Watch TikTok TV shows; read the stories told in the series of posts; listen to long episodes of podcasts – even if the entire podcast is about plus or minus one topic. What to tell? From company history to fictional art history with integration. The main thing is not to do it dryly: give the audience a chance to laugh, cry, nod with understanding, etc.

Strengthening omnichannel

In 2021, we conducted a study of the commerce retail industry. In the format of a panel online survey. (it was attended by 300 people aged 18 to 55 years old from different cities of Russia. With a population of 500 thousand inhabitants). One of the main insights that we managed to get is connected.

With the sources of information from the store. Which are most popular with the audience. 41% of respondents noted the mobile application, 27% – the official website, 25% – email newsletters, 7% – blogs/telegram channels. And celebrity accounts on social networks. This also means that for the most successful communication with potential buyers. You need to exist in the maximum number of online channels fully.

Socially-oriented content

Excerpt from the official Instagram report

What topics can be attributed to the section of social content? In general, any that relate to the life of modern society: from human rights to charitable activities. Of course, this does not mean that all brands without exception should demonstrate. Their active position in this direction. But if you have something to say (or even better to do). The audience will most likely appreciate it.

Interestingly, Instagram itself named “social justice” one of the key trends. In its official report on popular content destinations in 2022. According to the social network, approximately 52% of users are subscribe to various kinds of social-themed accounts!

Situational content

Just imagine: something important is happening in the world. It may be a news feed that is relevant for the whole society. Or it may be an event that affects only a certain area/industry. And since in the modern commerce world. The number of information sources is simply off-scale.

It is also quite expectable that many people want to go for details and subsequent discussion, not to random media. But to those whom they already trust. For example, to you – your favorite brands/companies/retailers.

This does not mean that everyone without exception needs to turn into mass media. But it is still worth mentioning and (or) playing up the agenda. The fact that you have your finger on the pulse will not only raise you in the eyes of a loyal audience once again. But will also attract a new one.

UGC + engaging content

The value of real reviews of products and services seems to be beyond doubt. A new potential buyer will most likely want to learn from the experiences of those. Who have already interacted with your company.

So, UGC and user comments in the account (“provoked” by engaging content) are a new feedback format. If they talk about you, write and shoot, it means that you have found a response in the hearts of clients.


A trend that is gradually emerging from the beauty industry and begins to operate in other segments as well. So everything is simple here – the perfect picture hardly sells anymore.

10 usefulness

What information do subscribers expect from retailers? According to the results of the agency research of the retail industry. We identified the following categories: discounts and promotions (73% of respondents), information about new categories and products (45%). Reviews of other buyers (28%) – we recall the commerce trend on UGC and news about the opening of new outlets (23%). Anything that you want to add to the “saved” is also suitable: recipes, life hacks, collections, and DIY


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